Image is a watch blog dedicated to fine watches, luxury watches, watch news and the ultimate expression of horology, haute horlogerie. The watch reviews are typically ‘hands-on’ in style, where the watch has been placed upon the wrist of the author and evaluated over a period of time, sometimes extending to several days or even weeks.

Wherever possible our articles include live, original pictures and we endeavour to avoid using manufacturer supplied images, especially computer generated ‘renders’, whenever possible. The watch reviews we create explain the nuances of each watch, looking closely at the dial, case and movement. Our objective is to critique each element fairly, albeit our focus is invariably on watches which appeal to the author. Nevertheless, we always endeavour to deliver opinions which are honest and fair.

Part of the review process is to enlighten the wearer with our watch blog about details such as movement finishing or finissage. Decorations on main plates, such as perlage or circular graining, are pointed out to the reader. The quality of bridges will include comments about Côtes de Genève motif, internal angles, anglage, polished jewel sinks and gold chatons.

Zeitwinkel, Peter Roberts and Garrick luxury watches

Technical aspects of movements will also feature discussion on the types of balance wheels fitted to watches, including annular balances and free-sprung balances. Discussion of screwed balances may talk of aerodynamics and the relative benefits of balances fitted with masselottes that cause less disruption to the air surrounding the oscillating balance wheel.

Unlike some watch blogs, does not write about all watches, but focuses on mechanical watches typically costing from £1800 to seven figure über-luxurious timepieces featuring numerous complications.

Articles are often written by Angus Davies, founder of However, on a regular basis various guest contributors, including Carl Eady, Meehna Goldsmith, Mark McArthur-Christie and Johnny McElherron provide a fascinating insight and alternative perspective into the world of horology.

The watch blog, includes discussion of mètiers d’art such as guilloché, enamelling and hand-engraving. The objective is to inform the reader and celebrate the artistic prowess of the artisans who occupy this elevated world of craftsmanship.

ESCAPEMENT keeps readers up to date with watch news, looking at the latest watches which come to market. Moreover, articles also look at the individuals behind the scenes responsible for creating some of the most beautiful and eye-catching timepieces in existence.

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