My desire for a Montblanc Pen

I always admire quality, traditional craftsmanship and the pursuit of excellence in everything I see and touch and this led to my desire for a Montblanc pen.

My first Montblanc Pen

The interface is seldom closer between the owner and a luxury item than a pen and the hand which holds it. It is very personal, used to faithfully record memoirs, write a letter conveying affection, or sign the contract for a major purchase.

“Montblanc has a well-earned reputation”

Montblanc has a well-earned reputation as a leading manufacturer of premium writing instruments with alluring aesthetics which surpass the perfunctory, the disposable or the token ballpoint found in a hotel room.

My first Montblanc Pen

I decided I wanted a fountain pen to convey the considered intent when signing my name and therefore, sought a quality writing instrument with the “snow capped” adornment to the pen lid.

Websters Pen Shop

Whilst visiting the Bluewater Shopping Centre, I called in Websters Pen Shop and met a helpful member of staff who proffered assistance without the stereotypical pressure synonymous with the “double glazing salesman”.

Initially I assumed, I was visiting a large national chain by the polished appearance of the shop, but soon learned that this was and still is an independent family business of nearly 40 years standing, who knew its clientele and understood the concept of consumer sovereignty.

Joanne Webster, whom I later learnt was a Director and family member, enquired about my needs. “Did I intend to fly with the pen?” (cartridge refills would be preferable to a converter), the size of my hand (some models favour a demure feminine hand) and styles I might be drawn to (traditional or modern).

Love at first sight

It was love at first sight, a Montblanc Starwalker in Rubber & Platinum, a modern style but with an intrinsic quality harking back to an age of craftsmanship often overlooked in the modern era.

My first Montblanc Pen

The decision was nearly complete, but then a nib type had to be selected; extra fine, fine, medium or bold. The demonstration models were fuelled like a premium car and the short test drive instantly revealed the medium nib suited my needs perfectly.

My Starwalker

The perfect union between my Starwalker and hand was instant and the knowledge that I can effortlessly effuse about my passion for watches with Montblanc in hand is heart warming.

My first Montblanc Pen

Selecting a pen was made pleasurable and informative by the warm, friendly and attentive service offered by this family firm. Large enough to offer an extensive choice in a comfortable environment, but small enough to care.

I anticipate I will be a repeat customer of Montblanc and Websters Pen Shop for many years to come.

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