Montegrappa boutique - Doha, Qatar


The style of almost one hundred years of craftsmanship and the soul of an entire country come together in the design of Montegrappa luxury writing instruments.


A Brief History of Montegrappa

Montegrappa, the first Italian manufacturer of writing instruments, opened in Bassano del Grappa in 1912. Nearly a century of superb craftsmanship has passed for this Italian brand known around the world for its Italian creativity and style.


In the same historical building since 1912, Montegrappa has been a part of the lives of great men, and it has also witnessed moments of intense creativity and innovative breakthroughs. Ernest Hemingway and John Dos Passos, both Red Cross volunteer ambu- lance drivers during World War I, crossed the threshold of the original factory entrance on Via Ca? Erizzo that was recently restored. That same entrance was among the first in Italy to see the arrival of celluloid, a precious material obtained from cotton that was already a protagonist of Montegrappa collections in the thirties.


Starting in the late thirties, the modern fountain pen became more than just a writing instru- ment and was transformed into an accessory that made a fashion statement. Thanks to the wide variety of colours, tasteful design, and special jeweler’s techniques (for which the Vicenza area is famous), Montegrappa became a recognized symbol of excellence. Although shapes and materials may change, all Montegrappa pens possess distinctive features: the octagonal shape, the rotating sphere on the end of the clip, and precious materials such as gold, silver, gems, and celluloid are the unique elements that have made history.


The entire Montegrappa range is divided into two large families: the Regular Range, composed of glamorous, beautifully designed accessories that make the daily task of writing much more enjoyable, and the Limited Editions, an extraordinary blend of craftsmanship and beautiful design inspired by the passions and myriad expressions of human creativity and coveted by collectors and connoisseurs.


Much admired and appreciated for its outstanding quality and traditional craftsmanship, Montegrappa has become a world ambassador of Italian style and elegance and is distributed in nearly 60 countries.


Montegrappa boutique, Doha, Qatar

The Montegrappa boutique in Doha, Qatar was inaugurated on the 14th of November 2011 and provides a haven for collectors of fine writing instruments from around the globe.


Montegrappa boutique - Doha, Qatar

Montegrappa boutique - Doha, Qatar

Montegrappa boutique - Doha, Qatar

Montegrappa boutique - Doha, Qatar

Montegrappa boutique - Doha, Qatar

Montegrappa boutique - Doha, Qatar

Montegrappa boutique - Doha, Qatar


Special editions in store at the time of writing.

The Montegrappa Dragon 2010 Bruce Lee pen in solid yellow gold (one of only 88 produced worldwide)


Montegrappa boutique - Doha, Qatar


The Montegrappa Thrilla in Manilla set in gold (one of only 35 produced worldwide)

Montegrappa boutique - Doha, Qatar


Contact details for the Boutique


Ground Floor

The Mall

Doha, Qatar


T: +974 446 63168

Contact: Mr Gilbert

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