Jewellery often resides for most of its life in its case, waiting the occasion when it is appropriate to accompany an outfit.  Fope creates jewellery that is easy to wear and combines innovation and modern styling with classical lines.  It is timeless.


Fope Classic Maori Necklace & Flex’it Eka Bracelet


Showcasing Italian craftsmanship and flair Fope has been proffering exquisitely and elegant pieces for almost eighty years.


I had my share of jewellery bought on special occasions, for my twenty-first birthday it was the pearls I wore for my wedding but for my fortieth birthday I wanted a design that would  be the right choice wherever I went.  I chose the Classic Maori necklace and to accompany it, a Flex’it Eka Bracelet, both of which combine the skill of the goldsmith, designer and artisan with the Italian eye for line and form. Exemplars of Fope’s offerings I wear them both constantly. 


The Classic Maori Necklace

At first the necklace appears simple in its form and design but closer inspection reveals a rope of 18 carat gold, intricately woven, fluid, which caresses the neck, and glides on the skin.  It is comfortable and I am never aware of it presence except when I look in the mirror and recognise that it enhances the simple black dress and yet is not outshone by more elaborate creations.


I chose it in yellow gold but it is also available in white gold and pink gold. 


It is a single gold chain, the ends unattached but clasped by two circlets of white gold set with diamonds, the ends of the chain hanging free and finished with two sculpted gold finials.  To compliment the necklace, echoing its visual appeal, I chose a bracelet of similar style and line.


The Flex’it Eka Bracelet.

The bracelet, also of 18 carat gold, avoids the intrusion of a conventional fastening which would be a distraction , because of a special attribute.  It is flexible, gliding effortlessly over the wrist. This not only contributes to the aesthetics of the design but is practical. There is no struggling with any kind of clasp. Like the necklace embraces the neck, it wraps seamlessly round the wrist, uninterrupted, no intrusion to the smoothness of line.


Fope Classic Maori Necklace & Flex’it Eka Bracelet


It is the only truly flexible bracelet entirely made of gold.  It is available world-wide and Fope have the patent.


Echoing the necklaces design, the bracelet is adorned with a rondel of white gold set in diamonds. A single circlet enfolds the golden links this time, a detail which adds a focal point to the design, enhancing the whole.  As with the necklace the elements of the form blend seamlessly and move fluidly on neck and wrist whilst staying in place.


In design both pieces are modern but are reminiscent of pieces produced in earlier eras.  Their classic lines have a timeless quality and are not destined to languish in my jewellery case.

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