URWERK UR-100 Gold Edition

The URWERK UR-100 Gold Edition pairs contemporary aesthetics with 18-carat 2N yellow gold. The Swiss brand, URWERK skilfully blend the old and the new, the neoteric and the traditional and, once again, the resultant watch looks magnificent.

URWERK UR-100 Gold Edition

The Swiss Maison, URWERK, blends neoteric design codes with traditional high-end finishing. While the company has a diverse product portfolio, it is probably best known for indicating the prevailing time using ‘rotating satellites’.

When creating their ‘rotating satellite’ system, Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei, co-founders of URWERK, were inspired by clocks made by the Italian Campani brothers. Back in the mid-17th century, these clocks featured a near-silent, wandering hours display. Baumgartner and Frei have ingeniously refracted this ingenious idea through a prism of modernity and the resultant watches prove sublime.

In 2019, the avant-garde brand unveiled the Urwerk UR-100 Iron and its stealthy sibling, the UR-100 SpaceTime. Now, the Maison has unveiled the über-luxurious URWERK UR-100 Gold Edition. As its name implies, this latest model is housed in 18-carat 2N yellow gold but still retains the firm’s legendary ‘rotating satellites’.

The brand’s press release (May 2020)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a spark shot out of the ether. Radio telescopes reveal that the shining golden object hurtling toward earth appears to be trying to communicate, emitting signals in six million languages. Could it be C-3PO, the protocol droid in the Star Wars saga? No, it is URWERK’s new yellow gold UR-100! This UR-100 also carries a message, but can communicate in the universal languages of the galaxies using light, time, space. But while C-3PO is often irritating and clumsy, albeit extremely polite, the UR-100 awakens six million forms of desire with horological daring and disruptive watchmaking.

This new creation is the fourth episode in the UR-100 intergalactic saga, recounting the adventures of an atypical time instrument written, produced, and directed by the horological studio URWERK. Approaching light speed, the UR-100 pushes the boundaries of technology, design, indications, and functionality.

“Science fiction has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration since the creation of URWERK,” explains co-founder Martin Frei. “I have been a sci-fi geek since childhood. My father was an engineer and worked on incredible projects, including the Apollo Lunar Rover. He was my hero and left me his love of the cosmos and his dreams.”

URWERK UR-100 Gold Edition

First and foremost, the UR-100 is slim – extra-flat for a satellite-geared watch – with angular contours; it’s an elongated octagon with three notched sides. The form uses subtle asymmetry, taking clues from Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. This UR-100 is cut from a solid block of 2N yellow gold, its surface satin-finished to the same pale shine as the Star Wars droid. Topping the case is a sapphire crystal bubble reminiscent of the shape of the first URWERK models, the dome housing the control centre of this intergalactic visitor.

The UR-100’s astrophysics govern the URWERK universe with rotating satellites displaying the hours and minutes. Isochronal revolutions create a miniature cosmic ballet, the hour satellites also displaying minutes as they traverse 120 degrees across the bright green scale. A bold red arrowhead marks the confluence of hours and minutes, offering a unique, highly legible, and intuitive time display. Even while manoeuvring at light speed, the automatic winding system is never overloaded thanks to the Windfänger’s regulation of the oscillating mass: this planetary gear limits the speed of rotation of the rotor, minimising both excessive winding and wear and maximising reliability and lifespan.

And last, but certainly not least, are the discreet spacetime indications on each side of the top of the dome’s periphery, which are both essential for intergalactic voyages and unique on planet earth. After each of the three red minute arrowheads pass the numeral 60 they disappear and then reappear again on two separate kilometre scales. The first display at 9 o’clock marks the 555 km travelled along the equator during 20 minutes of the earth’s rotation, the second display at 3 o’clock indicates the distance – 35,740 kilometers – travelled by the earth as it orbits the around the sun over 20 minutes. Spacetime never looked so good; Einstein would be proud!

URWERK UR-100 Gold Edition

While Star Wars’ famous C-3PO protocol droid is fanatical about respecting rules and conventions, the UR-100 « C-3PO » is fanatical about breaking rules and conventions. As the original C-3PO was reconstructed from heaps of scrap metal on the planet Tatooine, the UR-100  was meticulously assembled from high precision components in Geneva. And just as the lovable golden droid has cemented its place in the collective imagination of science fiction lovers, URWERK’s golden UR-100 carves out its own niche in the hearts of sci-watch aficionados.

URWERK UR-100 Gold Edition

The First Gold UR-100 “Fight C-19” To Be Auctioned: Fighting Covid-19 With Horology

 “The URWERK team doesn’t have doctors, nurses, cleaners, or even delivery personnel. We are simply artisans realising our dreams making watches. So to participate in the fight against Covid-19, URWERK will auction “Fight C-19”, the first UR-100 in gold, on the URWERK website, and distribute all money raised to organizations fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic.


Update (13.5.2020)

URWERK is extremely pleased to announce that the weekend auction of the UR-100 “Fight C-19” attracted a top bid of 96,500.00 Swiss francs (excluding tax). The generous purchaser of “Fight C-19”, an Iranian national based in Liverpool, England, has selected the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) association as the beneficiary of the funds raised.

The winning bidder explained, “As the first institution in the world dedicated to research and teaching in tropical medicine, LSTM plays a key role in fight against COVID-19. It is also a symbol of the city’s past where Liverpool was a prominent port city which carried on an extensive trade with overseas regions.” URWERK will also buy and donate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to the most vulnerable people living in Switzerland via a donation to the Swiss Red Cross.

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