Air travel is no longer the pleasure it used to be but in business it is a necessity. Airports are like factories, large and impersonal, processing passengers as quickly as they can so that they can spend as much time shopping in the terminal malls. Why should you be restricted by someone else’s schedule, travelling to and from distant international airports, using up valuable productive time, sharing space with strangers in one of the many anonymous business lounges? There is a more efficient way to do business and the solution is provided by Embraer in the form of the Legacy 650.


The Embraer Legacy 650


History and Heritage

This year sees the 10th Anniversary of Embraer in the executive jet market, however, the company is no stranger to jet aircraft manufacture. Embraer have been in the commercial jet market for over 40 years. During this time the company has built up a wealth of experience and expertise in aircraft production. They bring together the best available components from around the world, such as Rolls Royce engines and Honeywell avionics, and assemble them in their production facilities in Brazil building one of the finest business jets available.


Work, Rest, Socialise

The Legacy has one of the largest cabin cross sections, greater than many of its rivals. With a maximum seating capacity of 14 passengers the cabin has three seating zones ensuring the Legacy feels spacious with plenty of room to move freely. The Cabin has been fitted with state of the art noise insulation materials, and air flow throughout the cabin has been improved, helping keep you and your guest feeling fresh throughout the flight.


The Embraer Legacy 650

The Embraer Legacy 650


Even if you are Mid-Atlantic you will never be out of touch. With Swift Broadband High Speed Data – HSD, state-of-the-art system providing worldwide coverage at 432kbps. E-mail, intranet, internet, instant messaging, VoIP telephone and even video conferencing it will be as if you never left the office!


The Embraer Legacy 650


The sumptuous leather upholstered seats recline to become a lie flat bed and with the optional mattress a double bed configuration is possible. The aft washroom is one of the largest available and, through it, access can be gained to the walk in the hold. Consequently your luggage will always be available, ensuring that you will never be inappropriately dressed for that last minute meeting.


The Embraer Legacy 650

The Embraer Legacy 650

The Embraer Legacy 650


With the forward galley all your needs are addressed. Whether you want an espresso to keep you going, a special bottle of wine to aid relaxation, they are readily available – the latter suitably chilled of course! Freshly prepared meals are not a problem. Conventional and microwave ovens are both available. You are only limited by the imagination and creativivity of your chef, should you choose to bring him with you! Eat and drink what you want when you want it.


More than Capable

London to New York or Singapore to Dubai easily in range. Fuel efficient second generation Rolls Royce AE3007 A2 engines produce less Co2 than the competitors’ older aircraft. Noise restrictions are not a problem. The engines comply with current ICAO stage IV noise regulation allowing you to use airports such as London City and Washington.


The Embraer Legacy 650


There is no waiting with the Legacy, from powering up the engine start can be achieved in just 10 minutes courtesy of the highly integrated Honeywell Primus Elite avionics suite. You could very easily be in the air within 5 minutes of stepping on board!


Backup and Support

Should the unlikely need arise for engineering assistance at a remote destination, Embraer will be closer than you think. With its every expanding network of service centres around the globe, dedicated to executive jets, help will always be on hand. Parts availability is also maximised through worldwide distribution centres helping you keep in the air for longer.


The Pilot’s Perspective

The departure and arrival into any unfamiliar airfield are always the most demanding and challenging phases of any flight for a pilot. Attention to detail and focusing on the matter in hand, free of any unwanted distraction are the key to a successful outcome. Pilot workload is, therefore, dramatically reduced through the use of state-of-the-art LCD displays presenting clear concise information from various sources such as VNAV, RNP, Honeywell SmartRunway and SmartLanding charts maps and satellite weather. These all ensure that your pilots are fresh and prepared for the next challenge ahead.


Indulgent luxury or business advantage

The Embraer Legacy 650

The Embraer Legacy 650

In the present economic climate you need to keep ahead. The Legacy gives you the edge. It allows you to do business according to your schedule at anytime, anywhere in the world, an advantage in any business.


About the author

Clive Girven is an experienced commercial pilot, with a flying career which commenced in the British Royal Air Force, flying helicopters.


Clive flies an Embraer for a well-known airline but sometimes waxes lyrical about his other passion in life, collecting wristwatches with an aeronautical theme.

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