Reservoir Watches GT Tour Carbon

The Reservoir Watches GT Tour Carbon shares the appearance of a car’s rev counter from the 1980s. In this instance its design engenders thoughts of a previous era and a childhood obsession with the Porsche 928.

This detailed review of the Reservoir Watches GT Tour Carbon includes live images, specification and pricing.

Reservoir Watches GT Tour Carbon Case

I don’t remember the precise year, but I think it was about 1980, when I was approximately 12 years of age. My interest in cars was all-consuming. I can still visualise the mauve-coloured brochure for the Porsche 928 which my father procured from our local authorised dealer, Parker & Parker.

As I thumbed through this brochure, I remember slowly digesting each picture. Every image was presented in four colour print, conspiring to seduce my innocent soul. Ultimately, it was the sight of the instrument binnacle which led me to dream of owning this Swabian thoroughbred. My imagination ran wild, thinking of a red needle arcing clockwise to the red line while the volume of the V8 soundtrack increased in intensity. I would forever dream of Porsche ownership.

The dial of the Reservoir Watches GT Tour Carbon evokes thoughts of the Porsche 928 I recall from my youth. Its prominent red minute hand and black dial are reminiscent of the car of my aforementioned dreams. While Reservoir does not assert its watches are linked to any specific model, many of its timepieces share similarities to cars of the past.

Eager to embrace the passion of my youth, I recently seized an opportunity to take this octane-rich timepiece for a spin.

The dial

The sandblasted dial has a mottled appearance, mitigating any potential glare. Similar to other timepieces from Reservoir, the dial combines a jumping hour display and retrograde minutes.

Reservoir Watches GT Tour Carbon Case

Positioned in the lower portion of the dial is a framed aperture, revealing the prevailing hour. Its concise delivery of the hour aids interpretation.

Similar to a rev counter on the dashboard of many cars, the minute track features single digits. Instead of signifying the rpm of an engine, each number is multiplied by 10 in order to indicate the prevailing minutes. The display is intuitive and needs little explanation. On reaching 60 minutes, the vivid red hand returns to zero and a new journey commences. The sense of theatre is superb.

Nestling at the base of the dial is a power-reserve indicator. It resembles a fuel gauge and provides a characterful indication of the available energy held within the spring barrel.

The dial incorporates a plethora of motoring-inspired elements, however, its notable style does nothing to inhibit readability. All indications prove simple to interpret.

The case

While the dial elicits thoughts of yesteryear, the forged carbon case delivers a futuristic aesthetic. The strong, lightweight material is heavily grained. Its visual composition is reminiscent of a stratum of rock with alternating bands of light and dark grey.

Reservoir Watches GT Tour Carbon Case

Measuring 43mm in diameter with a case thickness of 13mm, the Reservoir Watches GT Tour Carbon does not prove unduly cumbersome. Indeed, similar to a ‘little black dress’, its carbon colourway mitigates the sense of scale.

Many owners of high performance cars enjoy the pleasure of lifting the bonnet and seeing the engine in all of its glory. Similarly, most watch-loving petrolheads appreciate the sight of an exposed movement. Reservoir indulge wearers with an exhibition case-back, affording sight of the self-winding movement within.

A black perforated leather strap with cheery red stitching evokes memories of racing gloves from yesteryear, repeating the automotive theme.

The movement

The Reservoir Watches GT Tour Carbon features the ETA 2824-2 calibre. This Swiss movement is widely used within the watch industry. It is reliable, precise and relatively affordable.

Reservoir Watches GT Tour Carbon Case

However, where Reservoir differentiates this movement from other versions of the ETA 2824-2 is by adding its ‘proprietary watchmaking module’. Comprised of 124 parts, the patented module is responsible for the retrograde minute hand, jumping hour and power-reserve display.

When setting the time, the module features a safety mechanism which prevents the wearer turning the minute hand before ‘0’ and potentially harming the movement. This automatic movement is impressively engineered.

The frequency of the balance is 28,800 vph (4Hz) and the sole spring barrel delivers 37 hours of autonomy.

Closing remarks

In a short period of time, Reservoir has attracted much attention from the world’s watch press. The unusual depiction of hours, minutes and available power differentiates the brand’s models from many similarly priced watches.

The jumping hour and retrograde minutes are simple to assimilate. The power-reserve indicator resembles a fuel-gauge, an instrument all motorists are familiar with. Indeed, this is the secret to Reservoir’s design language, the indications are presented in a format most car-owning wearers will recognise. It is this familiarity which augments ease of understanding.

At €5600, the GT Tour Carbon is one of the costlier watches from the brand. Forged carbon cases are incredibly expensive to manufacture, a fact which is reflected in the price. By comparison, a similarly specified GT Tour in stainless steel is priced at €3925. providing a more affordable means of ownership. Personally, I like the texture of the carbon case and this would be my preferred option.

Today, many cars feature electronic, virtual instruments, a product of our digital age. Reservoir transposes the wearer to an earlier era when analogue instruments provided a genuine indication of revs and speed. The Reservoir Watches GT Tour Carbon successfully captures the charm of the past while being relevant today.

Further information

Technical specification

  • Model: Reservoir Watches GT Tour Carbon
  • Case: Forged carbon case; diameter 43mm; sapphire crystal to front and case-back; water resistant to 5 ATM (50 metres)
  • Functions: Jumping hours; retrograde minutes; fuel-reserve indicator
  • Movement: ETA 28-24/2; Self-winding movement; frequency 28,800 vph (4Hz); power reserve 37 hours
  • Strap: Black leather strap with red stitching with black PVD butterfly folding clasp.
  • Price: €5600 (RRP as at 25.5.2018)

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