Porsche Design Sport Chrono Collection

The Porsche Design Sport Chrono Collection includes a chronograph as well as a triumvirate of time-only watches which display the hours, minutes, small seconds and date. Each of these new models is a certified chronometer (COSC). The launch of these watches coincides with the release of the ‘Sport Chrono Package’ for the Porsche Panamera which includes a dashboard chronometer from Porsche Design.

Porsche Design Sport Chrono Collection

At some stage in life, most men and many women yearn for a Porsche 911. Indeed, the dulcet sounds of the iconic flat-six engine inevitably evoke thoughts of driving down a country lane on a summer’s day. While every Porsche 911 is endowed with vast quantities of latent performance, yearning to be unleashed, responsible drivers exercise restraint on public roads.

Porsche Design Sport Chrono Collection

However, when the opportunity presents itself to circumnavigate the Nürburgring, all six cylinders can sing at full volume. A spot of heel and toe, threading the car through the corners while clipping the apexes offers thrills aplenty. Just don’t forget the basic rule ‘slow in, fast out’.

Inevitably, every budding-F1 driver yearns to go faster. Porsche recognised this some time ago, offering prospective owners the chance to specify the ‘Sport Chrono Package’. This option included a dashboard stopwatch coupled with a sports mode. Today, the latest 911 (known among Porschephiles as the 992), has a very sophisticated ‘Sport Chrono Package’. This option includes a launch control function and allows the adrenaline-fuelled driver the chance to view their lap times and driving data on a mobile phone using the Porsche Track Precision app.

Now, Porsche Panamera customers, those individuals who yearn 911 performance but also need to transport a couple of children and a golden retriever, can also specify their Swabian thoroughbred with the same ‘Sport Chrono Package’. Recently, the car brand from Stuttgart has collaborated with Porsche Design with the latter firm producing a new dashboard chronometer specifically for the Panamera. Moreover, Porsche Design has released a new range of timepieces to accompany said Porschephiles wherever they choose to go in life.

The Porsche Design Sport Chrono Collection includes a chronograph as well as a triumvirate of time-only watches which display the hours, minutes, small seconds and date. Each of these new models is a certified chronometer (COSC).

The brand’s press release (August 2020)

Porsche Design revs up with the new Porsche Panamera: for the first time, the must-have Sport Chrono Package includes an exclusive chronometer from Porsche Design. This will allow performance enthusiasts to keep an eye on their personal record time at every second. The exclusive clock features a high-quality metal dial, ceramic indices and manufacture-made hands. A specially developed lighting technology allows perfect readability in poor light conditions and even in the dark. In addition to the Sport Chrono Porsche Design clock designed for the car interior, the company introduces the Sport Chrono wristwatch collection.

Porsche Design Sport Chrono Collection

The new product line, which includes a chronograph and three models featuring the small second, combines classic design features, materials and the typical performance characteristics of sports car construction. The automatic chronograph is powered by the C.O.S.C.-certified Porsche Design calibre WERK 01.100, while the three variants of the Sport Chrono Sub Second are equipped with the new, in-house developed Porsche Design calibre WERK 03.200, which also earned a C.O.S.C. chronometer certificate for proven accuracy. Like the dashboard instruments, the automatic movement puts the display of the small seconds at six o’clock into the spotlight, highlighting once again Porsche Design’s watchmaking expertise and offering customers and friends of the Porsche brand the opportunity to wear a feature of their sports car on their wrist.

Back to the roots

First there was the sports car. This rings true for the evolution of Porsche Design’s Chronograph I. Inspired by the instruments from the Porsche 911 dashboard, the iconic timepiece quickly turned into a global success after its debut in 1972. The matte black dial which was reduced to the essentials is legendary and has continued to be a role model in the industry to this day. Thanks to its pure white indices and hands, it was easy to read at any time of day and from any angle. The central red stop seconds hand, that mimicked the tachometer, was likewise inspired by the cockpit of the sports car. The reduced design was not considered a gimmick, but rather the logical consequence of the highest design credo – that a harmonious design results from the underlying function. This was the philosophy of Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche.

Porsche Sport Chrono Package: Easy to read in every second

When the legendary Porsche 911 was first launched, the dashboard instruments included an electric timepiece as part of the 5-tube instruments. In the early 2000s, Porsche added an additional central instrument that was placed prominently in the middle. Initially displaying lap times, it was continuously refined to provide more control functions for engine and chassis components as well as the exhaust system. As part of the so-called “Sport Chrono Package,” it was not a classic three-hand clock, but rather an instrument with a digital display and a single hand.


With the new Sport Chrono Package and Porsche Design’s Sub Second timepiece, the vision of combining a sports car with a perfectly readable instrument in the form of a premium wristwatch chronometer has become reality. Available for the first time in the new Porsche Panamera models, it is an electrically powered clock. It is being offered in manufacture assembly, which features a high-end metal dial with radial cut, ceramic indices with Superluminova coating and metal hands. In combination with the specially developed incident-light technology, the very effect of Porsche Design timepieces is being transferred to the car interior. Easy to read, from every angle, at every second.


Porsche Design Sport Chrono Sub Second: Big time for small seconds

The launch of the extended Sport Chrono Package is accompanied by the launch of the new Sport Chrono collection wristwatches, including a chronograph and three “three-hand models” with the small second at 6 o’clock. The Sport Chrono Sub Second models are powered by the newly developed in-house Porsche Design calibre WERK 03.200 with C.O.S.C. certification. Available in Titanium & Black, Titanium & Blue or Titanium & Brown colour combinations, they appeal not only with their stylish, reduced design, but also their titanium case. A hallmark of Porsche Design, titanium is water-resistant to 100 meters, extremely robust and highly comfortable to wear because of its lightweight.

The same applies to the automatic chronograph with the Porsche Design calibre WERK 01.100. In contrast to the Sub Second chronometer models, which are equipped with a closed case back, the chronograph boasts a sapphire crystal case back. The high-quality design and winding rotor with the P-Icon can be seen through the sapphire crystal case back. Other classic Porsche Design features include the sevenfold anti-reflective sapphire crystal with hard coating, the high-quality leather strap made from genuine Porsche interior leather and the titanium folding clasp with safety push buttons.

The models of the new Porsche Design Sport Chrono Timepieces Collection will be available from September 2020 at a price from £3,800 in Porsche Design Stores, from specialist retailers and online at

Porsche Design Sport Chrono Collection

Images: Copyright: Porsche Design

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