Piaget Altiplano Year of the Ox

The high-end watch brand, Piaget has just released the Altiplano Year of the Ox. This model is one of three new timepieces released to mark the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Ox. The pièce de résistance is unequivocally the Altiplano Year of the Ox. It features a cloisonné watch dial, skilfully executed by world-renowned master-enameller, Anita Porchet.

Piaget celebrates Chinese New Year and the Year of the Ox

The prestigious house of Piaget has many talents. Its eye for design is legendary. Likewise, having begun life as a movement specialist, it remains highly versed in making in-house movements. However, when discussing Piaget, there are two areas of expertise which immediately come to the fore, ultra-thin watches and artistic crafts.

Recently, the Swiss marque unveiled three new timepieces to celebrate Chinese New Year and the Year of the Ox. All three models encompass peerless gem-setting, but without doubt the pièce de résistance is the Altiplano Year of the Ox.

Piaget has engaged arguably the best master-enameller on the planet, Anita Porchet, to produce a dial adorned with an image of an ox. There are several forms of enamelling technique and Ms Porchet is the doyen of enamelling and master of all associated techniques. In this instance, she has imbued the Piaget Altiplano Year of the Ox model with a cloisonné watch dial.

The technique involves applying gold strands to the dial surface to form small partitions. These partitions are then filled with enamels, ensuring the gold strands remain visible. The dial is then repeatedly fired in an oven between 820°C and 850°C. Ms Porchet has to carefully monitor the appearance of the dial to ensure the desired shade is achieved without appearing too light or too dark. Moreover, great skill is required to ensure the dial does not bubble or crack, or have any unwanted inclusions. A circlet of 38 diamonds frames the dial heightening the model’s overall allure.

Two further models are offered as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. A version of the  Limelight Stella is yet another sublime creation from the Maison. It features an 18-carat rose gold case, a mother-of-pearl dial, incorporating a red nocturnal sky, and numerous brilliant-cut diamonds. Initially, this model will be sold exclusively in China and Hong Kong (February 2021) before being made available in April 2021 to a global audience.

Finally, Piaget is marking the annual celebrations by releasing new creations from its Possession collection, including bangles, necklaces, rings as well as an exquisite watch. This timepiece is housed in an 18-carat white gold case, framed with two circlets of diamonds.

The brand’s press release

This year, Piaget is celebrating Chinese New Year and the Year of the Ox with a special edition of its ultra-thin Altiplano timepiece with a grand-feu cloisonné dial featuring an ox, crafted by the celebrated artist Anita Porchet. Continuing the celebrations, Piaget is also presenting a new Limelight Stella moon-phase watch and a beautiful selection of Possession watch and jewellery.

2021 – The Year of the Ox

The ox is praised in Chinese culture for its hard-working nature, its dependability, and its sheer strength, enabling farmers to get the most out of their land. People born in the year of the ox – recent years include 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, and 2009 – show these positive traits too. They are honest, courageous, diligent, and have a high sense of responsibility. Whatever setbacks come their way, they never give up and advance surely and steadily to reach their goals.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar, officially starting on February 12th, 2021, and running until February 22nd. Traditional dishes and desserts, firecrackers to ward away evil spirits, and the lantern festival are all part of this annual celebration that sees all family members returning to their hometown for the festivities. Celebrating, sharing, socialising, and spending time with family are all values that Piaget holds dear too and it joins the merriment with several new extraordinary creations.

Altiplano Year of the Ox

To honour this strong and dependable zodiac animal, Piaget has immortalised the ox on the dial of one of its most iconic timepieces – the Altiplano – using grand-feu cloisonné enamel. The dial has been created by the famous master-enameller, Anita Porchet. This 4000-year-old decorative art starts with a transfer of the design onto the surface of the dial using gold ribbons to create miniature partitions, or cloisons, in which the different enamel pigments are placed. The dial is then fired in the kiln multiple times at temperatures between 820°C and 850°C. Once finished, the dial is varnished, capturing the image forever.

Piaget Altiplano Year of the Ox - G0A45540

This ultra-thin 38mm timepiece comes in an 18-karat white gold case adorned with 78 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.71 ct.) and is powered by the brand’s exceptional 430P hand-wound movement that measures a mere 2.1mm in thickness. It is paired with an elegant black leather strap that is fitted with an 18-karat white gold pin buckle.

Limelight Stella

The Limelight Stella timepiece, with its moon phase complication and starry night sky, comes in a 36mm 18-karat rose gold case that is dressed with 126 brilliant-cut diamonds on the bezel (approx. 0.65 ct.), Fourteen brilliant-cut diamonds also sparkle on the mother-of-pearl dial (approx. 0.05 ct.) that displays a large moon phase in a new red colour. Red is the colour associated with Chinese New Year thanks to its link to life, joy, wealth, and courage. The timepiece is powered by Piaget’s 584P self-winding movement and indicates the hours, minutes, seconds, and phases of the moon. It is paired with a red alligator leather strap and an 18-karat rose gold pin buckle. The Limelight Stella will be exclusively available in China and Hong Kong as of February and the rest of the world from April.

Celebrating the Festivities with Piaget’s Possession Creations

Along with these extraordinary timepieces, Piaget is also offering a number of new creations from its Possession collection. Discover an 18-karat white gold timepiece with a mother-of-pearl dial, and a diamond-paved case featuring a turning ring that playfully spins. One Possession ring, two necklaces, and three different-sized bangles all in rose gold also join the festivities. All featuring sparkling diamonds, red carnelian cabochons, and Piaget’s signature turning elements, these Possession pieces bring a sense of joy and playfulness to the Chinese New Year.

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