Oris Whale Shark Limited Edition

The Oris Whale Shark Limited Edition is the latest creation from Hölstein. It is based on the firm’s Aquis GMT model but equipped with a unique blue dial adorned with a whale shark inspired motif. Once again, Oris has released a new model in support of a good cause, upholding its mission to bring ‘Change for the Better.’

Oris Whale Shark Limited Edition

Oris, the Swiss watch brand based in Hölstein, frequently shows that business and philanthropy can happily coexist. In the last 12 months, it has raised funds for the Carl Brashear Foundation, the Coral Restoration Foundation, the Roberto Clemente Foundation and Seoul KFEM. Now, the luxury marque is supporting Gerardo del Villar, an Oris brand ambassador, in his efforts to save the whale shark.

The Oris Whale Shark Limited Edition shares its DNA with the Oris Aquis GMT divers’ watch. The Aquis, a timepiece intended for subaquatic use, has always possessed a hewn from granite robustness. Each model is endowed with a bidirectional bezel and, with the exception of the chronograph, sturdy crown protectors. The Aquis is a byword for functionality and the dials impart information with notable clarity.

Oris Whale Shark Limited Edition

A welcome trait with most Aquis models is they exhibit an impressive quality-price ratio and the Oris Whale Shark Limited Edition proves no exception. Recently, the media’s attention has focussed on the brand’s new Calibre 400, an in-house movement encompassing an array of virtues. However, such additional attributes invariably attract a price premium. Personally, I remain a fan of the Sellita-based Oris movements as they are wholesome but also more affordable than the in-house movement.

The Oris Whale Shark Limited Edition features the Oris 798, based on the Sellita SW 330-1. The model is equipped with a GMT function, allowing the wearer to view the ‘home time’ shown on a 24-hour scale. In addition, the timepiece has a date display at 3 o’clock and a hacking seconds. Housed in a 43.5mm stainless steel case, the model is presented on a 3-rows stainless steel bracelet with a folding clasp and extension.

Oris Whale Shark Limited Edition

The blue dial is embellished with an interesting motif, designed to replicate the appearance of a whale shark’s skin while the caseback is engraved with a depiction of the eponymous fish. Lastly, a screw-in security crown contributes to the model’s useful water resistance of 300 metres.

Price: £2250 (RRP as at 21.2.2021)

The brand’s press release (February 2021)

Back into the deep

Most of life as we experience it is on land. Because of this, it has taken us far longer to explore and understand the world’s oceans, but with every passing year, the picture becomes clearer. We now know, for example, that oceans cover three-quarters of the Earth’s surface, contain 97 per cent of the Earth’s water, and represent 99 per cent of the living space on the planet by volume.

Evidence also shows us that oceans absorb around 30 per cent of the carbon dioxide we produce, offsetting the impacts of global warming. According to the United Nations, more than three billion people depend on the oceans for their livelihoods. And incredibly, $3 trillion dollars, or 5 per cent of the world’s GDP, is generated by marine and coastal industries. The oceans are the source of life.

Despite this, we continue to abuse our oceans. Pollution levels are now critical (particularly plastics – the UN estimates one million plastic bottles are sold every minute), and ocean temperatures are at record highs, leading to events such as coral bleaching, as highlighted by previous Oris releases.

As worrying is that according to the Smithsonian Ocean Portal, there are as many as 2,270 species currently listed as endangered or threatened under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

One of those is the whale shark, the ocean’s largest fish, which is the focus of the Oris Whale Shark Limited Edition. The new watch, has been created as part of our mission to bring Change for the Better and to clean, restore and protect the world’s water. Specifically, it’s made in support of the work of Oris ambassador Gerardo del Villar, an experienced explorer and photographer, who began photographing whale sharks more than 15 years ago.

Oris Whale Shark Limited Edition

“We’re not going to stop drawing attention to the issues facing the world’s water,” says Rolf Studer, Oris co-CEO. “We’re proud to work with Gerardo and support his work, but this is a drop in the ocean. To bring Change for the Better, everyone needs to play their part.”

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