A Call from Dubai

Not all sons would ring their mothers from Dubai when on holiday.  Mine did, to wax lyrical about watches seen!


Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra XXL Small Seconds


One such call was after he had visited the Omega boutique in the Dubai Mall where he had seen the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra XXL Small Seconds.  To be exact watch number 84, limited edition in 18 ct. rose gold, white face.  If you had been listening, the enthusiasm was palpable!



Their name is so well known and trusted that any new offering from Omega is bound to arouse excitement, especially when it is a limited edition; 88 in white gold, 88 in rose.  It means that this watch will be sought by those who simply like it, those who are connoisseurs of haute horology and those who like to see their purchases appreciate in value.

Omega commands respect.  Now within the Swatch group Omega has an increasing popularity. In technology it has introduced the innovative coaxial escapement to several collections including the Seamaster range and it is good at this point to remember in tribute, its lately departed designer Dr. George Daniels.


Number 84

This is a watch to view in contemplative mood.

The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra XXL Small Seconds is unusual in that it is rather 1930s in style, vintage, but it is a watch of contrasts and almost contradictions.  On the one hand it is discrete in appearance, graceful and elegant and yet it is large, 49.2 mm in width, not what you would expect of a watch with these classical looks.  It seems understated but then look more closely, in detail, and you begin to notice those touches which make it special.

Yes, it comes in white gold and rose but number 84 in the Dubai Mall was rose gold and I think it is gorgeous. That, therefore, is my focus.  I am not dismissing the white gold version, it’s purely my preference


The dial

The dial is of white enamel.


Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra XXL Small Seconds


The small seconds dial at 6 o’clock, of sterling silver, is applied to the dial and guillochéd.  The silver contrasts with the white of the dial. The rippling of the guilloché finish is delicate.  The seconds hand is simple and blue like the principle hands whose blue is dramatic against the white dial.

The laser-cut hour and minute hands are exquisite features.  Brilliant in blue steel they appear like Breguet hands but look more closely and you will see that it is not a circle but the Omega symbol.  This is unusual. They were the subject of patent in 1924.

The font selected for the numbering is striking, a little more curvaceous for the hours and minutes than for the seconds, but none the less in harmony.  The hours and minutes numbers have a fluidity and strength that is striking. The whole aspect is uncluttered, bold but with an elegance perfectly in tune with the graceful lines of the 1930s which it evokes.


The case, movement and strap

The gold case is not embellished but is attractive in its flowing and graceful lines with the warm hue of the rose gold adding lustre and warmth.  The lugs are sculpted and frame face and strap.  The crown is simple and grooved.  Nothing jars, nothing detracts, and all elements compliment each other.


Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra XXL Small Seconds

The back of the case is screwed down and it has a sapphire crystal back and front so the movement is visible within the case. Both front and back are anti-reflective and scratch resistant.

There is much to admire, circular graining, Geneva waves and the specification of each watch engraved on the movement surround including the all important number out of 88. the movement is the Omega 2211 and it has a Co-Axial escapement. The watch is manual wind.  

It is water resistant to 150 metres.

The strap is of brown alligator, black if you opt for the white gold.



  • Movement: Omega Caliber 2211, manual-wind
  • Complications: Small seconds
  • Case material: 18ct White gold or 18ct Rose gold
  • 17 jewels
  • Power reserve: 53 hours
  • Limited Edition

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