Omega Constellation Gents’ Collection 2020

The Omega Constellation Gents’ Collection 2020 has received a makeover. Each model is now sharply dressed, beautifully defined, rich in detail and possess an abundance of indefinable magic. In addition, each reference is equipped with the technically brilliant Omega Master Co-Axial Calibre 8900/8901. 

Omega Constellation Gents’ Collection 2020

Founded in 1848, Omega’s watchmaking prowess is beyond reproach. The Co-Axial escapement, launched in 1999, was probably the single biggest horological development of the 20th century. While this system was conceived by the brilliant George Daniels, it was Omega who had to find a way to industrialise the concept.

The co-axial escapement is far more efficient than the ubiquitous Swiss lever escapement. With the Omega solution, the energy is delivered directly to the balance instead of via a pallet lever. Where conventional pallets meet the escape wheel there is a sliding action, creating friction, consuming energy and lubricant. The co-axial escapement employs a pushing motion rather than a sliding action which proves more efficient and lengthens service intervals. With the Omega Master Co-Axial Calibre 8900/8901, Omega has improved performance further by incorporating a free-sprung balance and harnessing the benefits of a silicon balance spring.

Over the years, the co-axial escapement, and those Omega movements employing this know-how, have gained an enviable reputation for superb reliability.

Omega Constellation Gents’ Collection 2020

In terms of the brand’s collection of models, they are attractive, diverse and numerous. The Constellation is a superb ladies’ watch and certainly, the bimetallic option is a model that readily springs to mind when asked by friends for recommendations. However, In my personal opinion, when making the men’s model’s, perhaps scaling-up one of the ladies’ references, some of the indefinable magic of the feminine offer appeared to be missing.

Thankfully, the brand from Biel/Bienne has just unveiled the new Omega Constellation Gents’ Collection 2020 and it has immediately hit the mark. This collection of models are sharply dressed, beautifully defined, rich in detail and possess the aforementioned indefinable magic. Add to the fact they are endowed with the Omega Master Co-Axial Calibre 8900/8901 and suddenly these models provide a compelling for acquisition.

Omega Constellation Gents’ Collection 2020

The brand’s press release (July 2020)

In the world of watchmaking, OMEGA’s Constellation has long been a symbol of exquisite precision and timeless style. Now, the next generation of models for men is proudly being launched.


The new 41 mm watches reflect a particularly bold and sophisticated spirit, while they also beautifully capture the Constellation’s most famous design traits – such as the iconic claws, and the half-moon facets at either end of the case.

Furthermore, OMEGA has integrated some of its finest and most advanced watchmaking materials into the designs. This includes models in stainless steel, 18K gold, or a combination of both. Additionally, almost all the bezels have been crafted in polished ceramic – replicating the look of the original Constellation Manhattan of 1982, which used shiny sapphire glass.

Omega Constellation Gents’ Collection 2020

Only one model in the new collection features its own stainless steel bezel, which is enhanced by blackened Roman numerals. For the other models with ceramic bezels, the Roman numerals have been produced in either OMEGA Ceragold™ or Liquidmetal™.

Bevelling along the edges of the case and claws has provided the collection with a more slender look compared to models of the past, and even the crown has been subtly reshaped for added style. Adding to this effect, the hands have been given a slimline update, and the new indexes take their inspiration from the Manhattan skyline, most notably the triangular facets of the Freedom Tower.

Most of the new 2020 models will be presented on leather straps with an anti-bacterial rubber lining. A decorative metallic link connects each side of the strap to the case, creating a unique look of its own. Those who prefer an overall metallic look can match their new model with any bracelet in the Constellation 39mm collection, or its full leather strap.

Finally, the caseback features sapphire crystal that offers a view of the OMEGA Master Co-Axial Calibre 8900 / 8901 inside. All watches have been Master Chronometer certified by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) at the industry’s highest standards of precision, performance and magnetic resistance

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