MeisterSinger Neo Plus Pointer Date

The MeisterSinger Neo Plus Pointer Date is a new addition to the German brand’s product portfolio. It has a dominant hand, imparting both hours and minutes, but also features a circular date display, positioned at the centre of the dial. Angus Davies spent a week getting ‘hands-on’ with the watch and shares his thoughts about the experience.

MeisterSinger Neo Plus Pointer Date

MeisterSinger, the watch brand from Münster, has always demonstrated a refreshingly different outlook on life. While it makes luxury watches, it shuns the excesses of consumerism and conspicuous consumption. The German marque doesn’t do ‘bling’, but rather it is the epitome of understatement. When appraising a MeisterSinger model, the styling is invariably timeless, clean and uncluttered. Every detail on the dial of a MeisterSinger is optimally sized and located in the perfect position.

MeisterSinger Neo Plus Pointer Date

Most of all, MeisterSinger invites wearers to view time from a different perspective. One lone hand circumnavigates the dial, imparting both hours and minutes. The displays on the company’s watches don’t convey time to the nearest nanosecond or encompass numerous complications. Instead, a MeisterSinger watch indicates the time with becoming simplicity, in a relaxed, calm manner. I recently had the pleasure of wearing the MeisterSinger Neo Plus Pointer Date, a watch with a single hand, displaying time to the nearest 5-minute interval. For most people, this scale is more attuned to the real world.

The dial

The MeisterSinger Neo Plus Pointer Date is offered in two dial options, Sunburst Steel blue or Opaline silver. In addition, the watch is available with a Milanese bracelet (fine mesh), a suede strap or a shell cordovan strap. My press loan came with an Opaline silver dial paired with a black shell cordovan strap. Furthermore, the slender single hand was presented in blue. Every dial element contributed to the model’s genteel and elegant character. Each index is represented with Arabic numerals in double-digit form as MeisterSinger convention dictates.

MeisterSinger Neo Plus Pointer Date

Black strokes are presented on the adjacent track in three different sizes, denoting 5-minute, 15-minute and 1-hour intervals. The long strokes are presented in blue at the cardinal points, augmenting the overall allure of the dial.

At the fulcrum of the dial is a date display. It is recessed and features a blue-tipped hand that converses with a track endowed with red markings and black Arabic numerals. This indication imparts meaning succinctly, ably fulfilling its remit.

The dial’s surface is cambered, albeit this is only really noticeable near the perimeter of the display. The shape of the dial works in concert with the arcing profile of the ‘domed hardened acrylic glass’.

The case

It would look incongruous if MeisterSinger chose to house this model in an oversized case. Indeed, throughout this composition, there is a reoccurring theme of tasteful restraint. Measuring 40mm in diameter, the scale of the MeisterSinger Neo Plus Pointer Date is on-trend, is congruent with the persona of the watch and ideally sized for the majority of wrists.

MeisterSinger Neo Plus Pointer Date

The case has a thickness of 9.7mm, allowing the watch to sit discreetly beneath a shirt cuff. Likewise, the crown does not unduly project from the caseband, mitigating the risk of snagging the watch on any random objects.

Interestingly, the caseband tapers inwards as it approaches the caseback, permitting the wrist to easily flex, thereby augmenting wearer comfort. The watch features a solid caseback, embellished with the brand’s fermata logo, replicated many times to form an attractive motif.

The movement

The MeisterSinger Neo Plus Pointer Date is fitted with a Sellita SW 221. This Swiss movement is known for its reliability and impressive quality-price ratio. It is self-winding and features 25 jewels. The balance has a frequency of 28,800 vph (4Hz) and assuming the mainspring is fully wound, the watch will run autonomously for 38 hours.

As the watch has a solid, screwed caseback, I was unable to appraise the finishing of the movement.

Closing remarks

Throughout my career, I have worn several MeisterSinger watches and they always prove intuitive to use. We have been brought up on the idea of two hands indicating the prevailing time, however, after a short period of familiarisation, MeisterSinger’s approach also proves user-friendly.

MeisterSinger Neo Plus Pointer Date

Up to now, I have mainly focussed on costlier models from MeisterSinger. The Neo Plus Pointer Date is £1,390 (RRP as at 22.9.2020) and, to be honest, I was curious to see where the savings had been made. Some of the costlier MeisterSinger models feature additional indications, in-house movements, exhibition casebacks and even bronze cases, justifying their higher price tags. Indeed, the MeisterSinger Neo Plus Pointer Date is simpler and no doubt cheaper to make. However, do not misconstrue, this is an impressive watch, delivering an array of wearer benefits for a comparatively modest sum and should not leave the wearer feeling shortchanged.

I like the small episodes of colour on the dial, such as the odd red marking or blue stroke. They don’t sully the purity of the dial, but heighten the model’s overall sense of style. Likewise, when I wore the watch, I did not refer to the date indication very often, but I liked its position and recessed nature. In terms of the display, I adore the cambered dial profile and the gentle way the lone hand advances.

The MeisterSinger Neo Plus Pointer Date is unobtrusive, resting quietly upon the wrist without imposing itself with unnecessary bulk. The dial can be relied upon to display the correct time, but it does so without unseemly fanfare. This is a prepossessing watch for those individuals who do not yearn for the limelight. Meistersinger demonstrates that sometimes life is too short to fuss about seconds or try to outdo friends with extravagant tokens of success. Indeed, there is merit in living simply and focussing on what is truly important, a mindset this German marque clearly subscribes to.

Further reading

Technical specification

  • Model: MeisterSinger Neo Plus Pointer Date
  • Reference: NED401
  • Case: Stainless steel; diameter 40 mm; height 9.7 mm; sapphire crystal to front and solid case back
  • Functions: Hours and minutes indicated with one hand; pointer date display
  • Movement: Sellita SW 221; self-winding movement; frequency 28,800 VpH (4Hz); 25 jewels; power reserve 38 hours
  • Stap: Black shell cordovan strap with a stainless steel pin-buckle
  • Price: £1,390 (RRP as at 22.9.2020)

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