MeisterSinger Lunascope

The MeisterSinger Lunascope upholds the brand’s penchant for single-hand watches. However, where this timepiece differentiates itself from its siblings is with the addition of a large-format moon-phase display. Recently, whilst attending Baselworld 2018, Angus Davies tried on this watch for size and appraised its unique presentation of time.

This detailed review of the MeisterSinger Lunascope includes live images, specification details and pricing.

MeisterSinger Lunascope - single-hand watch with large moon-phase display

I now possess spectacles, but sometimes forget to wear them. Trying to read menus in restaurants is often a challenge, necessitating stretching my arms outwards in order to bring words into focus. It seems everyone is conspiring against me, making objects increasingly smaller. The fact is, as I grow older, the small scale of objects frustrates me. It is perhaps for this reason that I am drawn to the new MeisterSinger Lunascope.

This new timepiece, recently launched at Baselworld 2018, redefines the notion of a moon-phase. No longer do I need to squint in order to see a depiction of the moon, because the watch brand from Munster has created a large-scale moon-phase display which occupies the upper half of the dial.

However, beyond its aesthetic appeal, the moon-phase confers an impressive degree of astronomical precision. As the German brand explains: ‘The moon takes 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.9 seconds to circumnavigate the Earth. Most watches round this figure down to 29.5 days via the movement, which means they deviate by eight hours per year and need to be corrected by one complete day every three years. However, the movement specially designed for the MeisterSinger Lunascope is far more exact. Its moon-phase indicator only needs a slight adjustment after 128 years…’

With my spectacles affixed to the end of my nose, I recently appraised the composition of this eye-catching astronomical watch.

The dial

An aspect of modern living is the frenetic pace governing society’s behaviour. The perception of importance makes individuals mindlessly rush from one place to another. The implications of this ubiquitous hubbub are ill-health and a failure to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

MeisterSinger Lunascope - single-hand watch with large moon-phase display

MeisterSinger redefines the presentation of time. Its single-hand watches do not impose a sense of urgency, but rather implore the wearer to gently savour time. Indeed, the Lunascope eschews seconds as they are not conducive to a relaxed lifestyle.

The MeisterSinger Lunascope is offered in two dial variants, dark blue or silvery opaline. Personally, I prefer the latter option, appreciating the contrast of the blue nocturnal sky and silver hues.

A sole blue hand, resembling an isosceles triangle, quietly strolls around the dial. The slow-motion of the hand prevents the wearer noticing its snail-like advance. The smallest interval shown on the dial is five minutes. The dual-role of the hand, imparting both hours and minutes, confers a clean, uncluttered appearance.

In the upper portion of the dial, the moon-phase display assumes a prominent role. A wide-screen, crescent-shaped aperture showcases a nocturnal sky. The moon is notably large and its surface is highly detailed. Surrounding the moon, stars adorn the gorgeous blue sky. Beyond the aforementioned astronomical precision, the moon-phase display is beautiful.

Positioned above 6 o’clock, a round aperture reveals the date. The blue date disc, featuring white numerals, provides a wonderful contrast with the adjacent dial epidermis.

The case

The svelte case of the MeisterSinger Lunascope has been carried over from the Pangaea family of watches. Constructed of stainless steel, the case is highly polished and features an array of sinuous contours.

MeisterSinger Lunascope - single-hand watch with large moon-phase display

The 40mm case is relatively restrained in size, making it suitable for a broad cross-section of potential purchasers. The bezel is slim, accentuating the width of the dial. Gracing the right flank of the case, the fluted crown is significant in size, aiding ease of adjustment.

An exhibition case-back, retained with six screws, provides sight of the self-winding movement.

MeisterSinger has cleverly played with proportions. Some elements are small, while other constituent parts are large. Nevertheless, the resultant outcome is a watch case blessed with a cohesive appearance and a handsome mien.

The movement

At the heart of the MeisterSinger Lunascope is the ETA 2836 with a MeisterSinger module. This automatic movement has sufficient power reserves to deliver 38 hours of autonomy. The oscillating mass is adorned with Côtes de Genève motif.

MeisterSinger Lunascope - single-hand watch with large moon-phase display

Closing remarks

By offering single-hand watches, MeisterSinger has always differentiated itself from other companies. Now, the German watch company has conceived another means to set itself apart from other brands. The large-format moon-phase indicator is visually striking and imbues the dial with a glorious night-time scene.

The astronomical precision of the Lunascope is very impressive. However, in reality it is the appearance of the moon-phase which will undoubtedly win hearts.

A moon-phase display is for dreamers, those romantic souls who look upwards with a sense of optimism. It is a complication to savour, contemplating the meaning of life and setting aside the worries of day-to-day living. Likewise, the use of a single-hand to provide a general indication of the prevailing time is a further reminder to take life slowly.

MeisterSinger encourages us to reflect. In fact the brand’s logo is a fermata, a musical term meaning to ‘pause’. On reflection, I can think of no better advice when admiring this glorious timepiece.

Further information

Technical specification

  • Model: MeisterSinger Lunascope
  • Case: Stainless steel; diameter 40mm; sapphire crystal to front and case-back; water resistant to 5 atm (50 metres)
  • Functions: Hours; minutes; moon-phase display; date
  • Movement: ETA 2836 with MS-module; Self-winding movement; power reserve 38 hours
  • Strap: Dark brown leather strap
  • Price: £2990.00 (RRP as at 16.4.2018)

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