Meistersinger City Edition 2020

The Meistersinger City Edition 2020 is this year’s instalment of place-themed timepieces from the Münster-based watch brand. These watches are based on the MeisterSinger № 03 and are paired with a sapphire blue dial which is enriched with a gradient effect decoration. The caseback is adorned with the name of a city or region with a depiction of the corresponding skylne.

Meistersinger City Edition 2020

In a former life, I would travel the UK’s highways, covering 70,000 – 80,000 km per annum. My diary would be full of appointments and I would desperately try to adhere to my planned schedule. However, inevitably there were traffic delays which hindered my progress. I still recall calculating the theoretical average speed I would need to achieve in order to arrive on time. Moreover, I would endeavour to reach or even surpass my average speed while simultaneously eating my lunch or talking on the telephone. Looking back, I cringe at my foolishness.

There comes a point in life when a person realises that nanoseconds are not critical to a successful life. Moreover, one’s definition of a successful life changes with the onset of years.

MeisterSinger has always considered time and life from a different viewpoint. While the brand’s watches are accurate, they often display time in 5-minute intervals. There comes a point of realisation that this scale proves more conducive to a well mind and healthy body. Furthermore, MeisterSinger implores wearers to value moments in life rather than fixate on mere seconds.

Part of MeisterSinger tradition is the annual release of its City Edition models. Each year, an existing MeisterSinger model is endowed with a new dial animation paired with a caseback which is marked with the name of a city or region and a depiction of the corresponding skylne.

This year’s model is based on the MeisterSinger № 03 and is paired with a sapphire blue dial, enriched with a gradient effect. The German firm has indulged would-be wearers with 28 versions of the Meistersinger City Edition 2020, each one potentially referencing a special place or moment.

Price: €1790 (RRP as at 20.10.2020)

The brand’s press release (October 2020)

The Meistersinger City Edition 2020 has an exclusive dial with a fine gradient effect

We are raised that you should never hang your heart on anything. But of course it depends on places that are dear and important to us – and were we are only happy to be reminded of with beautiful, valuable things. That is probably one of the reasons for the success of the Meistersinger City Editions. Every year a classic watch model from the company is specially equipped and dedicated to a number of important cities or regions, each in small editions.

Meistersinger City Edition 2020

So the buyer not only acquires a carefully designed homage to his favourite place, but also a very exclusive timepiece.

Landmarks behind glass

This year, the N ° 03 forms the basis of the City Edition: a Swiss automatic movement works in its sturdy stainless steel case with a diameter of 43 millimetres. The sapphire blue dial with gradient effect distinguishes it from the collection. It has silver hour appliqués and gold-coloured numerals in elegant typography. Only the inscription “City Edition or Edition” above the date window indicates that this watch is something very special. The place of longing of the wearer is discreetly appreciated on the back. The typical silhouette or landmarks of the city or region can be found printed on the exhibition case back, on the steel edge of the case back you can find the name and a suitable motto of the city/region engraved.

Meistersinger City Edition 2020

Distant goals

The City Edition 2020 appears in 28 versions, for friends of places as diverse as Weimar, Oslo, Amsterdam, Münster and Paris or regions/countries such as Baden, Ruhrpott, Poland and Hungary. On the wrist, they remind the wearer, of the place of birth, the centre of their life – or of vacation spots that cannot travel to this year. This all in a for MeisterSinger completely logical and natural relaxing way by showing the time with just one single-hand.

Meistersinger City Edition 2020

The City Edition 2020 watches are delivered with a brown vintage leather strap.

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