MCT Sequential Two – S200

Angus Davies provides a detailed review of the MCT Sequential Two – S200, a watch which brims with innovation and craftsmanship. This young Swiss brand has employed ingenious prisms to impart hours, providing an alternative approach to fine watchmaking.

This detailed review of the MCT Sequential Two – S200 includes live images and specification details.

MCT Sequential Two - S200 - watch review by ESCAPEMENT

In recent years I’ve experienced my midlife crisis and questioned the meaning of life. I have sought sound opinions from friends and experts alike, looking to rationalise my place in the world and the future which lies ahead.

A good friend of mine is a psychiatrist and taught me to look at life from a different perspective. Redirecting my gaze through a prism of insight has allowed me to view the spectrum of life in distinct bands of light. Suddenly everything seems clear and I possess greater judgement.

By pausing, viewing the world differently and contemplating the meaning of life, I have discovered a new-found happiness. There is a strong argument for not carrying on with the same routine, not following the same path as others but to ‘take time out’ and thereafter adopt a fresh approach.

MCT is a young watch company which evidently has not reached middle-age yet. However, it has already eschewed the conventional approach taken by many watch brands and chosen to depict time in a very different way.

Last year, I reviewed the highly original MCT Sequential One – S100. The Swiss watch brand from Neuchâtel immediately attracted my attention with this ingenious watch. It has chosen to forgo a conventional hour hand and, with the aid of a comparatively conventional minute hand, adopted its own innovative means of indicating time.

The MCT Sequential One – S100, together with this model, the Sequential Two – S200, relate the hours via ingenious prisms. Each prism, consisting of five elements, take their turn to revolve into one of three positions and in so doing impart the hour. A central ‘C-shaped’ ring, rotates counterclockwise in 90° leaps to the prevailing hour with its open-section pointing to the relevant value.

MCT Sequential Two - S200 - watch review by ESCAPEMENT

The minutes are conveyed using a comparatively conventional hand, interfacing with markings and Arabic numerals gracing the periphery of the dial.

To the casual observer, the Sequential Two – S200 may at first appear to be merely a round-cased version of the Sequential One – S100, however, it is so much more.

The dial

Placing the Sequential Two – S200 upon my wrist and appraising its specification at close quarters allowed me to become readily aware of its many attributes.

MCT Sequential Two - S200 - watch review by ESCAPEMENT

Adjacent the prisms, four spokes span the central dial area, forming a giant ‘X-shaped’ structure. Each spoke features a screw head with the finish matching the chosen case material.

MCT Sequential Two - S200 - watch review by ESCAPEMENT

The upper sapphire crystal is very interesting in that it is not surrounded by a conventional bezel. Instead, MCT has chosen an unusual approach of placing the sapphire crystal atop the caseband. The leading edge of the upper sapphire crystal comprises a convex circlet occupying the upper circumference, which then gives way to a vertical flank above the caseband. The resultant outcome is that light floods onto the dial plane, interfacing with various components to spellbinding effect.

MCT Sequential Two - S200 - watch review by ESCAPEMENT

The case

MCT offers would-be buyers a choice of 18-carat red or white gold cases. I have a strong preference for the 18-carat red gold variant as I feel it provides greater contrast with the prisms and I appreciate its rich autumnal tones.

MCT Sequential Two - S200 - watch review by ESCAPEMENT

MCT Sequential Two – S200 in white gold ref. RD 45 S200 WG 01

Just above the crown, a further ring of sapphire crystal parts the waves of the golden caseband, allowing more light to flood into the watch’s housing.

MCT Sequential Two - S200 - watch review by ESCAPEMENT

The structure of the lugs is incredibly complex; they are open-worked and comprise of two arms, one affixed to the lower section of the caseband and one secured to the caseback. The result is a lightness to their appearance, which makes the case appear shallower. However, strength and robustness have not been sacrificed. By taking this approach, MCT has incurred much expense, reaffirming the perception of no-compromise construction.

MCT Sequential Two - S200 - watch review by ESCAPEMENT

MCT Sequential Two - S200 - watch review by ESCAPEMENT

MCT Sequential Two – S200 in white gold ref. RD 45 S200 WG 01

It is the use of the aforementioned sapphire crystals, together with the lug design which help to mitigate the sense of scale. The watch, by virtue of its complexity, could not be described as small, measuring 44.6mm in diameter and with a height of 14.5mm near the centre of the dial. However, MCT’s ingenious case design makes the watch feel smaller when worn. Moreover, the lug design enthusiastically persuades the strap to encircle the wrist, augmenting wearer comfort.

MCT Sequential Two - S200 - watch review by ESCAPEMENT

Unsurprisingly, having already revealed its fetish for upstairs windows, MCT has chosen to equip the Sequential Two – S200 with an exhibition caseback, according a splendid view of the movement for those who appreciate fine watchmaking.

The movement

Unlike the MCT Sequential One – S100, the S200 is equipped with a self-winding movement, developed in-house by the maison. MCT has become increasingly vertically integrated in recent years and this is manifest with the Sequential Two – S200.

MCT Sequential Two - S200 - watch review by ESCAPEMENT

The movement is congruent with other elements of this timepiece, evincing a neoteric aesthetic. However, purists need not fret, fine finishing is much in evidence and Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship is prevalent.

MCT has equipped the movement with an 18-carat red gold micro-rotor which contrasts wonderfully with the black movement bridges. Beneath the micro-rotor, a sea of perlage is presented in peerless form. Each circular-grained pearl is perfectly executed. Indeed, an aspect I especially like about this region of the movement is that MCT has allowed the wearer to see a large expanse of perlage which many brands often choose to hide from view.

The screwed balance has a frequency of 18,000 vph (2.5Hz) and features a hairspring equipped with a Breguet overcoil, again illustrating the exacting specification of the watch.

Much of the gear train is visible, presented in silver-hued form, delivering an enchanting spectacle to inquiring eyes. MCT states the ‘movement benefits from the latest advances in teeth profiles on the gears. The high efficiency gears mean less energy wasted in friction losses, higher and more consistent power to the regulator for higher precision and a longer power reserve’. Some readers may therefore be surprised to read the power reserve is 40 hours. However, this is actually very impressive given the power consumption required to drive the prisms and the C-shaped arc is much greater than that required for conventional hour and minute displays.

As regular readers will know, I have a penchant for finely adorned bridges. The black movement bridges beautifully match the surface of the mainplate. While contemporary in character, they are also imbued with a quotient of tradition, courtesy of the Côtes de Genève motif which graces their sumptuous forms. The edges of the bridges are hand-beveled, yet show no signs of twisting or distortion and stand testament to the adroit skill of the artisans based within the brand’s atelier in Neuchâtel.

Closing remarks

When I meet strangers for the first time, I am often asked about my profession and on explaining I write about wristwatches, I am met with a sense of incredulity. The comment often espoused by the ill-informed is ‘a watch is a watch’ and ‘all watches are the same’. Clearly, as MCT has wonderfully shown, not all watches are the same.

MCT Sequential Two - S200 - watch review by ESCAPEMENT

Indeed, one of the fundamental aspects obvious about MCT is that ‘ingenuity’ and ‘invention’ are at the heart of the company’s culture. Avant-garde styling is embraced, but not at the expense of lucidity or wearer comfort. Moreover, the exalted craftsmanship employed by this watch company has shown it has remained true to its Swiss origins, delivering haute horlogerie in contemporary form.

With the MCT Sequential Two – S200, this Swiss watch company has cleverly used prisms to provide a different perspective of time. It took me 40 years before I looked at life from a different viewpoint, seemingly MCT has already achieved this insight much sooner and, to this end, I ponder what other MCT creations beckon with the onset of years.

Technical Specification

  • Model: MCT Sequential Two – S200
  • Reference: RD 45 S200 PG 01
  • Case: 18-carat red gold; diameter 44.6 mm; height 14.6 mm; water resistant to 3 bar (30 metres); sapphire crystal to front and solid caseback.
  • Functions: Hours; minutes.
  • Movement: Mechanical movement developed in-house, self-winding movement; frequency 18,000 vph (2.5Hz); 85 jewels; power reserve 40 hours; 507 parts.
  • Strap / Bracelet: Alligator leather strap presented on a titanium double-folding clasp

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