Mark Hearn of Patek Philippe to raise funds for a local Parkinson’s support group

Mark Hearn of Patek Philippe dons his tennis whites and joins his friends at Reigate Lawn Tennis Club in order to participate in a 24-hour non-stop Tennisthon. This energetic event will raise much-needed funds for Mark’s local Parkinson’s support group.

Mark Hearn of Patek Philippe to raise funds for a local Parkinson's support group

Mark Hearn and Barry Denman, members of the Reigate Lawn Tennis Club

In the rarefied world of haute horlogerie, infinitesimal components are made to exacting tolerances. Parts are painstakingly finished to a blemish free conclusion. Ultimately, time-served hands patiently assemble a timepiece, careful not to mar the pristine appearance of any surface. Assuming the watch is looked after and regularly serviced it will operate faultlessly for many years.

Sadly, not everything operates with the metronomic efficiency of a fine Swiss watch. An inherent weakness of the human body is its susceptibility to changing health. Fate can suddenly reduce a person’s ability to carry out tasks with youthful efficiency.

Mark Hearn, the Managing Director of Patek Philippe UK, is no stranger to the world of high-end watchmaking and, likewise, he is well aware that health can be impaired without warning. Mark was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at 56 years of age.

To his credit, Mark has chosen to embrace his passion for tennis and organise a 24 hour non-stop Tennisthon in support of his local Parkinson’s support group. Two teams of 12 players will complete between 70 and 80 sets of tennis at Reigate Lawn Tennis Club.

Mark stated, ‘I decided to fundraise to help my local Parkinson’s support group because it is a group of people who have all contracted Parkinson’s and are managing it with the help of this local team. I personally was diagnosed three years ago, which is quite early, at 56. It has never been my style to choose the easy option, therefore I wanted to create something to really engage people and make a difference in our community’.

During the event, there will be a barbecue and drinks. Wine, donated by The Vineking, will be offered for sale and there will also be tea and coffee. Moreover, there will be a plethora of raffle prizes, including some luxury-branded items such as a diamond pendant from Michael Spiers.

Closing remarks

When I was informed about Mark’s charity event, I was more than happy to spread the word in my limited capacity as a watch journalist. It is also a cause close to my heart as my late father suffered from Parkinson’s.

Mark has stated, ‘The money raised will help ensure the long-term security of the group, allowing it to fund outings, special meetings, guest speakers and a variety of activities’. In my opinion, it is by coming together as a group that sufferers of Parkinson’s can support each other, feel part of a community and avoid the additional pain of isolation.

I have made a modest donation to Mark’s Just Giving page and I hope our readers will join me in supporting this worthy cause. The charity hopes to raise over £50,000.

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