Louis Moinet Space Mystery

The Louis Moinet Space Mystery is packed with a myriad of delightful details and is fascinating to behold.

In-depth review of the Louis Moinet Space Mystery. This ‘satellite tourbillon’ features a ‘Magic Blue dial’, meteorite, moon and mars fragments.

Louis Moinet Space Mystery

Louis Moinet has a penchant for surprising the watch collecting community. Its latest timepiece, the Louis Moinet Space Mystery, proves to be no exception. Indeed, it is packed with little pockets of delight which makes the watch particularly endearing.

The tourbillon

The tourbillon is described as the world’s first ‘satellite tourbillon’. Here a planet-like sphere provides the counterbalance to the tourbillon cage and performs one revolution per minute. The tourbillon is very large, measuring 13.59mm in diameter, appearing to float mid-air, 1.8mm above the dial. Moreover, the tourbillon’s axis of rotation is ‘not the same as the hours and minutes hands’, again helping to differentiate the Space Mystery from other timepieces.

Louis Moinet Space Mystery

Amino acids

At 9 o’clock, an aperture in the dial plays host to a fragment of ‘amino acid meteorite’. Amino acids, ‘possibly one of the first forms of life in the universe’ provide a fascinating link to the origins of man. Indeed, Jean-Marie Schaller proclaims, ‘It’s a universal message. Here, the subject is life itself; our very own origins…’

Louis Moinet Space Mystery

The dial

The first thing that caught my attention on seeing the Louis Moinet Space Mystery for the first time was the amazing blue hue of the dial. The colour is referred to as ‘Magic Blue’ and the composition of the colour remains a secret the Louis Moinet team seem reticent to share. The maison states the ‘blue is unlike anything achieved using enamel, lacquer, or galvanisation.’ Certainly the shade of blue is unique and possesses an amazing abyss-like quality to its appearance.

Louis Moinet Space Mystery

The hours and minutes are presented at 6 o’clock, employing the maison’s distinctive ‘Gouettes de rosée’ hands. The open-worked dial affords views of the movement within below via a pane of sapphire crystal.

Roman numerals adorn the hour and minute display and a neat chapter ring delineates the subdial from the rest of the dialscape.

Appraising the epidermis of the dial, one finds stars, wave-like patterns and beguiling depictions of planets. While the dial is elaborately decorated, it remains simple to interpret.

The case

Measuring a meaningful 46mm in diameter, the Space Mystery is no shrinking violet and may prove too large for slender wrists. However, I personally found its scale conferred a comfortable union with my arm and its size presented no barrier to wearer enjoyment.

Louis Moinet Space Mystery

The case is again elaborately engraved and polished by hand. The engraving extends to the case-band, lugs and bezel and showcases the deft application of an artisan’s burin. Indeed, each engraved line, curve and swirl stands testament to the prowess of a time-served craftsman.

Louis Moinet Space Mystery

The crown is secured within a watertight system and held with a plate held in position by four screws. Adjacent the crown are two apertures containing fragments of the moon and mars. Once again, Jean-Marie Schaller and his team dazzle with their creativity. The dorsal plane of the watch is equipped with a sapphire crystal affording views of the movement within.

Louis Moinet Space Mystery

The movement

The finissage of the movement is of a high standard. The numerous openworked bridges are beautifully executed and the large bridges either side of the movement opening are adorned with Côtes de Genève motif.

Louis Moinet Space Mystery

Closing remarks

Louis Moinet has not stinted on the specification of the Space Mystery. The ‘satellite tourbillon’ with its unique planet acting as a counterbalance to the tourbillon cage is captivating to see.

Upholding the brand’s reputation for incorporating meteorite fragments in many of its designs, Louis Moinet has also creatively used fragments of the Moon and Mars. This fascinating utilisation of materials bestows the Space Mystery with an alluring character all of its own.

Moreover, the case is another point of differentiation from the majority of timepieces. The engraved and polished case is the product of adroit hands, patiently imparting beautiful texture and detail to the case material.

However, my favourite aspect of this watch is the bewitching shade of the Magic Blue dial. It is unlike any other dial I have encountered and its deep lustre provides a fitting representation of the nocturnal sky. Indeed, it is this specification detail which I find to be the most magical.

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