Longines Heritage Classic – Tuxedo

The Longines Heritage Classic – Tuxedo consists of two models, each inspired by the late 1940s and the ubiquitous cheer of this post-war period. Both models, a three-hand watch and a chronograph, encompass black and white dials, often termed ‘Tuxedo’ watches by collectors.

Longines Heritage Classic - Tuxedo

Longines, the famous watch brand from Saint-Imier, has released two new watches inspired by models from the late 1940s. This was an era when the post-war optimism pervaded society. While fashion stagnated during World War II, it enjoyed a renaissance after the war with Christian Dior at the forefront of haute couture with his ‘New Look’.

Men did not wear tuxedos during the war years, formal wear was set aside, however, in the late 1940s the black tie ensemble came back with a vengeance. The jacket lapels were trimmed in satin or silk and the drape was long, ending mid-thigh. Meanwhile, jazz was incredibly popular at the time with Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday exponents of this genre, especially in its purest form.

Longines Heritage Classic - Tuxedo

The Swiss company made two models during this era, both endowed with dials featuring contrasting black and white tones. These were named ‘Tuxedo’ watches by aficionados. The Longines Heritage Classic – Tuxedo again comprises of two watches, a three-hand model and a chronograph. While these watches are inspired by the past, they encompass modern watchmaking technology. Both models are equipped with a silicon balance spring, a material which is unaffected by magnetism and not susceptible to corrosion.

Longines Heritage Classic - Tuxedo

The brand’s press release (June 2020)

Longines offers two new models inspired by historical pieces with the typical aesthetics of the regained freedom of the late 1940s. You can easily imagine it on the wrist of partygoers at jazz clubs. They have been nicknamed “Tuxedo” by collectors, the contrast of black and white on their dial reminds us of the suits worn during the elegant and festive evenings of the time.

To respect the spirit of the original models, Longines has chosen here not to add the word “Automatic” on the dials. In keeping with the aim to create timepieces that are as faithful as possible to historical timepieces, there is also no date window on contemporary models, which are presented on semi-matt black leather straps, perfectly in keeping with the spirit of the era.

The Longines Heritage Classic – Tuxedo is available in two versions: a 3-hand model and a chronograph model.

The former stands out for the aesthetics of its dial, a typical and very popular design from the 1940s. An opaline silver disc surrounded by a sublime matt black circle of thin baton hands covered with Super- LumiNova®. The small seconds counter, located at 6 o’clock, is off-centre: this detail contributes to the charm of this 38.50 mm-diameter timepiece housing the exclusive L893.5 movement with its silicon balance spring, a guarantee of quality and precision.

The chronograph version displays matt black, opaline and midnight blue, colours as elegant as they are refined. Several zones feature on its dial, and a tachymetric scale – quite rare for a Longines watch – also enriches its circumference, just like on the original model. The Longines Heritage Classic Chronograph – Tuxedo houses in its 40.00 mm-diameter case a movement (calibre L895.5) developed exclusively for Longines Heritage timepieces. It is also equipped with a silicon balance spring.

With its two new models in contrasting black and white, The Longines Heritage Classic – Tuxedo brings us back to the intensity of a colourful era that brought back parties!

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