Laurent Ferrier Galet Regulateur

The Laurent Ferrier Galet Regulateur is a new type of timepiece from this most traditional of companies.

This detailed review of the Laurent Ferrier Galet Regulateur includes live images, specification details and pricing.

Laurent Ferrier Galet Regulateur

Laurent Ferrier is synonymous with pebble-shaped watch cases. However, its latest timepiece, the Galet Regulateur, is less pebble-shaped and more rounded, sharing much in common with the Montre-Ecole case, unveiled earlier this year at SIHH.

The rounded case is coupled with straight, slender lugs which afford a delicate mien to this tasteful ensemble.

However, discussions of the case circumvent the most pertinent aspect of this watch, namely, it is a ‘regulateur’. To date Laurent Ferrier timepieces have consisted of hour and minute hands, sharing the same axis, imparting the time with a notable dose of savoir faire. Now, the independent watch brand from Plan Les Ouates has unveiled a glorious watch which is quite distinct from the maison’s other products.

Laurent Ferrier Galet Regulateur

A regulator features one prominent minute hand with the hours and seconds being displayed on less prominent subdials. Each display has its own unique axis. The purpose of a regulator is that of a reference clock, or watch, used to synchronise other instruments. Interestingly, the precision and ease of reading off the prevailing minutes made regulators ideal for scientific use in yesteryear.

Key features

The silver toned dial is adorned with an exquisite vertical, satin-brush.

The upper subdial features a slate grey finish and is marked with Roman numerals. The hours are indicated with a sole leaf-shaped hand. While the scale of the hand is small, the ease of interpretation is impressive.

Positioned in the lower hemisphere of the dial is a small seconds display, again presented on a slate grey canvas. Seconds are indicated with a combination of a baton hand and small subtle markings. Everything is seemly and exudes decorum with each subtle advance of the hand.

The minutes are imparted with a sinuous assegai-shaped hand. This style of hand has become part of the design DNA found on several Laurent Ferrier timepieces. The appearance of each hand brims with horological propriety.

Encircling the dialscape is a chem-de-fer proving ideal when determining the minutes. A detail I especially like is the becoming blue text on the dial at 9 o’clock. It represents a small soupçon of welcome ebullience that does not detract from the overall cohesion of the dial presented.

While the dial configuration is very different for Laurent Ferrier, the maison has not abandoned its peerless finishing and, in particular, its love for micro-rotor winding systems. The FBN Calibre 228.01 features a silicon escapement, Côtes de Genève on the bridges and the brand’s legendary hand-drawn flanks.

Prices: £31,300 in stainless steel and £39,700 in 18-carat white gold (RRP as at 12.6.2017)

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