HYT Skull Light

The new HYT Skull Light, another eye-catching timepiece from the Swiss, luxury watch brand.

This article provides an overview of the new HYT Skull Light including description, images and pricing.

HYT Skull Light

HYT, the Swiss watch brand from Neuchâtel, has been busy innovating yet another breathtaking timepiece. The HYT Skull Light combines three of the brand’s ingenious ideas, including fluidic expression of hours, an animated skull and a mechanical light source.

At first glance the Skull Light looks similar to its older sibling, the Skull Green Eye, but there are notable differences with the newer watch.

HYT Skull Light

Located between each hour marker are sections of Clou de Paris granting a wonderful three dimensional appearance to the dial vista. The hour track and bezel are highlighted in 5N gold, providing much contrast with the adjacent black surfaces.

The case of the Skull Light is formed of black DLC titanium, together with the aforementioned gold highlights. The black DLC titanium confers a stealth like quality and proffers reduced mass. Around the skull are hand bevelled edges in 5N gold. 

At the heart of the Skull Light is the same movement as the very first HYT model, the Calibre 101. This movement was entirely developed in-house and harnesses exemplary movement finishing typical of traditional watchmaking craft.

Looking at the eyes of the Skull, the right eye socket becomes increasingly darker as the energy within the spring barrel becomes increasingly depleted. Meanwhile, the left eye socket features a seconds indicator, showing the wearer that the watch is operational.

Similar to the HYT H4 Alinghi, the Skull Light is equipped with a mechanism which captures the energy from winding the crown at 04:30 and converts this into electrical power. By pressing the push-piece on the end of the crown, two LEDs at the base of the dial illuminate the Skull Light, bathing the watch ‘in a gentle blue glow for up to fifteen seconds’. There are no batteries to create the power, the micro-generator is purely powered by mechanical means similar to a dynamo.

Once again, HYT explores the limits of creativity and dazzles with its amazing ingenuity.

Price CHF 120,000 (RRP as at 23.6.2017)

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