The perfect timepiece for a Tifosi

The design of Suzuka is unique, unlike any other race track. Unique design is a key attribute of the Hublot F1™ King Power Suzuka, a watch infused with motorsport inspired design elements and the perfect timepiece for a Tifosi.

Hublot F1™ King Power Suzuka


I have been a fan of Formula One , since my childhood.


I remember my toy model of a JPS Formula One car in black and gold livery with interchangeable helmets, depicting different drivers.


There was no contest. My hero of the time was Emerson Fittipaldi. His name sounded exotic to this Lancastrian. His driving style exciting and he knew how to win.


Formula One is the epitome of Motorsport

Formula One is the epitome of Motorsport. Twenty four of the world’s finest drivers assemble on race tracks around the globe and deftly manoeuvre their cars at speeds sometimes in excess of 200 mph, inches from each other at times.


Supreme athletes

The drivers are supreme athletes tolerating high cockpit temperatures, sometimes in excess of 50°C, for the duration of a race. A race suit constructed of 2-4 layers of Nomex™, with an additional layer of flameproof underwear increases the core temperature still further.


The drivers heart rate will average 170 beats per minute for 1½ hours. Their bodies will endure huge forces during hard acceleration and braking, 5g in some cases.


Fast bends will cause the driver to feel his head will break free from his neck. He will, therefore, spend hours of weight training strengthening the neck to mitigate race fatigue.


The physical conditions the driver endures are harsh, yet he must retain incredible mental agility interpreting every nuance of the track, the wind direction, the available grip, the fuel consumption and his relative track position.


The relentless psychological demands

The relentless psychological demands are compounded by expectations of the team in the pits, the hundreds of loyal employees back at the factory and a nation of ardent Motorsport fans who expect nothing less than victory.


My favourite race tracks

The number of race tracks on the F1™ calendar has grown in recent years. But I must confess Monaco is my favourite. Sainte Devote, Casino, Chicane and La Rascasse are ingrained in my psyche.


Spa Francorchamps comes a close second. Eau Rouge, Les Combs, Pouhan and La Source delight drivers and spectators alike. The fickle weather system has often threatened a downpour complicating the decision of tyre choice.


Suzuka is my third choice, which is praise indeed bearing in mind there is 20 race tracks used in the season. Spoon Curve, 130R and the Degner Curve have provided the lyrics to accompany the octane inspired Opera, Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix.


The g-forces are immense. The design of the track is superb. The smiling faces of the local fans charming.


The 15th race of the 2011 season at Suzuka was the inspiration for a special edition watch from Hublot, the F1™ King Power Suzuka.


Hublot and F1

Hublot has had a close relationship with F1 for some time. It is the official watch of Formula 1 and recently became the watchmaking partner of Ferrari.


The design of Suzuka is unique, unlike any other race track. Unique design is a key attribute of the Hublot F1™ King Power Suzuka.


Hublot has a reputation of being innovative. Its fusion of different materials, its iconic case design and its approach to watchmaking in general are avant-garde.


The paradigm of Hublot juxtaposes Formula One and this is perfectly demonstrated with the Hublot F1™ King Power Suzuka. I can safely say that I have never seen a watch of its like before.


The case

The case is 48mm in diameter, constructed of circular-grained satin-finished Zirconium. The bezel is immediately recognisable to any fan of Motorsport. It is a miniature representation of a high performance brake disk. The bezel is held in position with 6 H-shaped Titanium screws.


The chrono button for the “Start” pusher at 2 o’clock is round and features a red rubber insert labelled with its function in black text. In contrast the pusher at 4 o’ clock is rectangular, with rounded corners, made of black rubber and stating “Reset” in red text.


The crown is titanium with black rubber insert, featuring the Hublot logo.


The dial

The dial features black and white detail, presented in a skeletonised form. I like the way the wearer can see through the dial and see elements of the movement, like some horological voyeur.


Satin-finished Ruthenium plate features on the indices and the hands.


The movement

The Hublot HUB4214 is used in this model. A self-winding chronograph it incorporates a date display between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock. The movement has a frequency of 28,800 vph and features 257 components.


The sapphire crystal back features an orange coloured, chequered motif. If I am honest, I would prefer a smaller adornment to the sapphire crystal, purely because I want to see more of the wonderful black PVD Tungsten rotor. However, I accept this is personal opinion and some may disagree.


The strap

The F1 inspired elements continue with the design of the strap. Black rubber and white Nomex work in harmony to provide an individual look.



Formula One is the perfect partner for Hublot. Both embrace new technology, seeking new materials and creating a marriage of breathtaking ideas.


I admire Hublot for seeking inspiration from F1™ when designing this watch. It brings together Motorsport influences in a cohesive message.


This is a timepiece with style and glamour, with a mechanical integrity. It is no wonder that Hublot and Ferrari have chosen to work together. This has to be a watch for Tifosi the world over and in particular those fans in the land of the rising sun.


One cautionary note, to all excited Tifosi, you will have to be quicker than the new F2012, as there are only 250 of these special watches available to purchase.


Technical specification

  • Model: Hublot F1™ King Power Suzuka
  • Reference: 710.ZM.1123.NR.FJP11
  • Case: Satin-finished Zirconium; bezel made of satin-finished Zirconium and black ceramic imitating a disc brake; 48 mm diameter; sapphire crystal to both front and rear.
  • Functions: Hours; minutes;date; chronograph.
  • Calibre: Frequency 28,800 vph (4 hz); power reserve 42 hours; 27 jewels; 252 components; water resistance 10 bar (100 metres).
  • Calibre Reference: Hublot calibre HUB4214
  • Strap: White Nomex™ with red stitching on black rubber

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