Hermès Harnais Français Remix

The Hermès Harnais Français Remix is a limited-edition timepiece, encompassing an engraved and painted porcelain dial, a gem-set case and an automatic movement, all topped off with a raspberry-hued alligator strap.

Hermès Harnais Français Remix

One glance at the Hermès logo and the company’s origins become clear. The über-luxurious Maison was founded in 1837 and from the outset began making harnesses. At the time, the elegant avenues of Paris, home to Hermès, thronged with people on horseback, advancing serenely to the accompanying clip clop of hooves. Later in the 19th century, the prestigious company began making saddles.

The brand still makes saddles above its famous headquarters at 24 Rue du Saint-Honoré in Paris. A vast amount of time is needed to handcraft one of the brand’s peerless saddles, however, product excellence is the Maison’s overriding concern. Indeed, it is this pursuit of excellence which has led to Hermès being widely considered the finest producer of saddles.

Beyond saddles, the revered company sells bridles, blankets, saddle pads and an array of other horse-related accessories. Indeed, Hermès’ strong ties with the equestrian world are widely known among those who regularly frequent paddocks and stables.

Hermès Harnais Français Remix

This passion for horses and associated saddlery has led the brand to reference this esoteric domain on its famous ties, scarves and watches. Indeed, the Maison’s fondness for the equine universe has led to a new horological creation, the Hermès Harnais Français Remix, a timepiece depicting a horse attired in an elaborate harness. Consistent with the French company’s no-compromise approach to manufacturing, the porcelain dial is engraved and hand-painted by supremely talented artisans.

The brand’s press release

With its round case featuring stirrup-like asymmetrical lugs, the Arceau watch designed by Henri d’Origny in 1978 radiates a timeless, understated and distinctive allure. Appearing in a white gold case set with 82 diamonds framing an engraved and hand-painted porcelain dial, the Arceau Harnais Français remix limited edition highlights the expertise and creativity of Hermès Horloger.

Image – © Studio des fleurs (Watches) – David Marchon (Making of)

The dial motif, composed of a pair of splendidly harnessed horses, echoes the central element of the “Harnais Français Remix” silk scarf, originally designed by Hugo Grygkar, the prolific in-house designer from the 1940s to 1959. The artist was inspired by a work kept in the private collection of Émile Hermès: a team of horses richly caparisoned and topped with multicoloured feathers, designed by two young 19th century architects – Fontaine and Percier –wjp were commissioned to design a coach for the coronation of Napoleon I in 1804.

Image – © Studio des fleurs (Watches) – David Marchon (Making of)

Transposed to the modest dimensions of the Arceau watch dial, this equestrian depiction requires almost a month of meticulous craftsmanship. The profile of the horses is hand-engraved on bisque (unglazed) Limoges porcelain. The dainty matt appearance of the material corresponds to the production stage preceding enamelling, a process that makes the porcelain both smooth and shiny. Here, the different colours are applied directly to this raw material with its unique rendering. The delicate successive applications of colour are interspersed with successive and precise firings in the kiln in order to fix and enhance the pigments.

Image – © Studio des fleurs (Watches) – David Marchon (Making of)

Produced in a limited and numbered series of 24, the Arceau Harnais Français remix watch is driven by the H1912 mechanical self-winding movement, which, like the gem-set gold case and raspberry alligator strap, is crafted in the Hermès Horloger workshops.

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