Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon GMT

This year, the “jeweller to the stars”, Harry Winston, has added several new models to its range of watches including the Ocean Dual Tourbillon GMT. Angus Davies provides an in-depth watch review of this luxury timepiece.

This review of the Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon GMT contains specification details.

This year, the “jeweller to the stars” has added several other models to the range including the Ocean Dual Time Monochrome, recently revealed at Baselworld. This particular model shows home time and local time on two separate dials each with their own day / night indicator located adjacent. This ensures that those wearers whose lives are conducted in two time zones never phone home at an inopportune hour. Moreover, the watch presents the date using two discs, displaying the relevant value vertically.

The Ocean Dual Time Monochrome is presented in Zalium. The alloy is unique to Harry Winston and is composed of aluminium and zirconium. It is light, scratch resistant and does not corrode. Moreover, it has an unusual gun metal finish which is particularly handsome. It is an example of cutting-edge metallurgy and perfectly examples the innovative character of the Harry Winston brand.

Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon GMT

Ocean Dual Time Monochrome

Harry Winston have ingenuity at the centre of their paradigm, perfectly exampled with their remarkable Opus series of models.

Indeed, Harry Winston have a diverse range from the traditional Midnight Automatic in gold to the avant-garde and truly mesmerising Histoire de Tourbillon 4 with its space-age appearance and ground-breaking movement. However, it is the Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon GMT which has enticed me to tap the keyboard of my notebook whilst supposedly on holiday. It is the ultimate timepiece in the Ocean range perfectly attuned to the needs of the intrepid explorer.

Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon GMT

Sometimes, it is hard to resist waxing lyrical about a watch despite a very patient wife asking for a few minutes of your time. However, I have to confess that when a watch attracts you to its form, the temptation can be too great.

The press release from the brand landed in my in-box a few days ago and I have not yet had chance to handle the watch, but one glimpse and I was seduced and felt duty bound to appraise its many features.

So what makes the Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon GMT so special and makes me risk the wrath of a disgruntled wife?

A wealth of information 

Hours and minutes for the primary time are displayed on a dial at 2 o’clock. It employs gold open-worked hands to convey the hours and minutes against a black textured motif. This dial is the largest presented and employs an intriguing overlapping design, affording a fantastic three-dimensional quality.

Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon GMT

Adjacent the primary time display is an aperture showing the chosen city for the second time zone. The user selects the preferred city and the applicable time is shown on the second dial positioned at 9 o’clock. It is a smaller facsimile of the primary dial and appears to reside below the adjacent dial and tourbillon carriage. The manipulation of depth is delightful and provides much eye-appeal. A day/night indicator is usefully presented on the second time zone display.

Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon GMT

There is much information presented on the dial, yet it remains user-friendly and simple to interpret.

An awe-inspiring whirlwind

The tourbillon carriage is presented at 6 o’clock. It captivates the eyes and is arguably one of the most complex complications to master. However, Harry Winston are no stranger to the whirlwind complication and their atelier on the outskirts of Geneva have repeatedly shown a profound ability to make some of the finest watches on the market today.

Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon GMT

The tourbillon bridge is mirror-polished and whilst the brand has not specified the number of hours required to achieve the flawless appearance, it certainly won’t be inconsequential. The magnificent finishing is the result of many hours of patient adroit hands pursuing perfection. The snailed finish of the carriage is truly beautiful and the finissage is executed to a high standard.

The tourbillon makes one full revolution every 60 seconds and has a subsidiary seconds display presented above.

Noble metals only

The aforementioned Zalium is not available for this particular model which is a shame, because I like the space-age material. However, potential purchasers should not despair as the watch is available in a choice of two noble metals, 18-carat white gold and 18-carat rose gold. It is the latter model which I particularly admire. It looks incredibly rich and luxurious and the contrast of the rose gold located adjacent the black dial is very attractive.

Beauty within

Sometimes the most attractive individuals sadly lack any intellect or inner virtue. They appear vacuous and have nothing to offer other than their veneer of attractiveness. And so it can be for watches. However, the Ocean Tourbillon GMT has much inner beauty and wisdom.

If you study the specification of the watch it is very impressive. There are a total of 550 components and 34 jewels. The impressive power reserve of 110 hours is courtesy of the twin barrels in series. However, most impressive is the distilled execution of the timepiece. Whilst the Ocean Tourbillon GMT may example modernity with its aesthetics, it does not eschew tradition. The bridges are adorned with vertical Côtes de Genève motif or, “Geneva Stripes” as they are sometimes referred. Hand chamfering and pristine polishing are beautifully expressed on the movement and complete the elevated specification of the timepiece.

Worth the risk?

I am of course referring to the risk of writing the review whilst my spouse, drums her fingers irritatingly on the sideboard waiting to depart to a local tourist destination.

There is no denying that the Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon GMT is a handsome timepiece employing exalted craftsmanship and harnessing much mastery imparted by time-served artisans’s hands. Its design may not appeal to all, but to me, it is a heavenly assemblage of horological know-how and yes, it was worth the risk in imparting its joy to our many readers.

Technical Specification

  • Model: Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon GMT
  • Reference: OCEATG45WW004 (white gold) OCEATG45RR003 (rose gold)
  • Case: 18-carat white gold or 18-carat rose gold; diameter 45.00 mm; height 15.00 mm; water resistant to 10 bar (100 metres); sapphire crystal to front and caseback.
  • Functions: Hours; minutes; subsidiary seconds on tourbillon; GMT with an aperture displaying the city; day / night indicator on second time zone; tourbillon
  • Movement: HW1005, self-winding movement; frequency 28,800 vph (4Hz); 34 jewels; power reserve 110 hours.
  • Strap: Hand-sewn black alligator leather on matching gold pin-buckle
  • Limited Edition: 50 pieces 18-carat white gold; 50 piece 18-carat red gold

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