Chronoswiss Open Gear ReSec

The Chronoswiss Open Gear ReSec is a limited-edition watch with a regulator display and retrograde seconds indication. It is presented in an eye-catching blue CVD coated case.

Chronoswiss Open Gear ReSec

Chronoswiss broke on to the watchmaking scene in 1983 and immediately unveiled the ‘world’s first mechanical chronograph with moon phase indication and clear crystal case back’. Five years later, the company released the ‘world’s first serially manufactured wristwatch with a regulator-style display, separating minutes, seconds and hours’. The die was cast and despite embracing other horological genres, Chronoswiss will always be associated with the regulator.

In 2012, Oliver Ebstein and his family acquired the brand from its founder, Gerd-R Lang. Although the ownership changed, the design elements synonymous with Chronoswiss have endured. These include guilloché dials, fluted bezels, onion-shaped crowns and elongated lugs with screw-in strap attachments.

However, Ebstein has been very shrewd, recognising that some buyers appreciate the historical Chronoswiss design elements, coupled with vibrant hues and interesting dial details. The Chronoswiss Open Gear ReSec is presented in an eye-popping blue CVD coated case paired with a bewitching retrograde seconds display. This new limited edition for 2020 is limited to just 50 pieces.

The brand’s press release (April 2020)

Chronoswiss presents its latest modern mechanical timepiece: the Open Gear ReSec, where the large minute hand meets a grand competitor taking over centre stage.

On the Open Gear ReSec, the retrograde second hand is the leading actor in the chronological play of time. Mounted on a hand-finished straight-grained bridge with polished edges, the second hand runs in a half-circle from four to eight. After thirty seconds it jumps back to begin again from four.

“This ‘jump back in time’ takes a millisecond, and the precision of the watch is well within ±5 seconds per day,” says Maik Panziera, Chronoswiss Head of Design, about the retrograde display – a truly hypnotic invention with roots stretching back to 17th- century pocket watches.

The elegantly gold-plated minute hand of the Open Gear ReSec circumnavigates the entirety of the 42-part dial. Its tip is extremely sharp, thus enabling you to see exactly what minute it is. Its matt finish resolutely contrasts the shiny hand-guillochéd dial made in Chronoswiss ́ Lucerne atelier, which gives an extremely clear time reading. The dial is also encircled with hour indexes made of massive white cylinder-shaped blocks of Super-LumiNova®, ensuring the time is legible even in the darkest hours. Through the funnel-shaped hour subdial the wearer can also enjoy the mechanical ballet of open-gear horology with skeletonised wheels –truly an example of a modern mechanical timepiece.

Chronoswiss Open Gear ReSec

Looking closer at the details, you will see finishing and engineering solutions on a level not usually found in watches in this price range. For instance, the bridges holding the retrograde complication in place have three different finishes: sandblasted matt, chamfered edges and polished surfaces. This attention for detail is also applied to the exterior: The electric blue CVD-coated 17-part case features matt, channelled sides and a shiny bezel and lugs. Even the bracelet pins holding the chunky hornback leather crocodile strap in place are more than meets the eye. They are held in place by cone-shaped screws that expand into the holes in a system which obviates the need for Loctite. This patented feature of ours is known as Autobloc. And when you pull out the generous onion crown, the stop-seconds system enables easy and exact time setting.

“A mix of new materials, old techniques and contemporary design – this is what it takes to be a modern mechanical brand,” says Chronoswiss CEO Oliver Ebstein.

Open Gear ReSec BLGO is made in a limited edition of 50 pieces.

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