Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Limited Edition 30

The Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Limited Edition 30 features traditional elements such as a guilloché dial and Poire Stuart hands. However, the watch is also endowed with a vivid yellow dial and strap, together with a black DLC treated case. Surprisingly, this fusion of seemingly disparate styles provides a cohesive aesthetic suffused with effervescent hues.

This detailed review of the Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Limited Edition 30 includes live images, specification details and pricing.

Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Limited Edition 30

If a young child is presented with a box of paints, invariably they will use every shade available to them for just one picture. They possess no inhibitions, merely an endearing innocence and eagerness to create. With maturity, an adolescent artist will use colour judiciously, employing a restricted palette to depict a scene. Nevertheless, adolescence remains conjoined with youthful optimism and the world is often viewed through idealistic eyes filled with a kaleidoscope of colours.

Sadly, I am middle-aged, walking towards the edge of a geriatric precipice. From nowhere, I have started to view the world in shades of beige and grey. However, recently, I resolved to rediscover the hues of my youth. Indeed, as I write this feature I am wearing a vivid pink shirt, eager to show I remain young at heart.

Chronoswiss, the Lucerne-based Maison synonymous with regulator watches, has unveiled two new timepieces. Both models feature a 44mm stainless steel case with DLC treatment. Each variant is limited to 30 pieces. Prospective purchasers can choose from a grey and black dial combination paired with a blue strap or, alternatively, a yellow and black dial variant with an ebullient yellow strap. When the brand invited me to choose one of the two aforementioned watches for evaluation, I plumped for the yellow and black option, eager to complement my latest sartorial ensemble.

The dial

Regulator clocks and watches have historically been used as a point of reference when setting other clocks and watches. The minute hand assumes the greatest importance, dominating the main dial, while the hour display undertakes a deferential role. Chronoswiss has made this genre of watch its own, proffering an impressive choice of regulator models.

Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Limited Edition 30

The yellow dial of the Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Limited Edition 30, appears at times almost lime coloured. The brightness of the dial is accentuated by the juxtaposed bezel, presented in shade of glossy black.

One reason for the dynamic character of the dial, where it assumes different shades depending on the position it is held, can be attributed to the guilloché motif. This wave-like pattern emanates from the fulcrum of the dial, increasing in size as it approaches the bezel.

Chronoswiss has chosen to imbue the dial with a myriad of different elements, each of which is positioned at different levels. A black plinth running across the dial between 3 and 9 o’clock, sitting atop a sea of guilloché, is marked with the company’s nomen and ‘the individual number of the limitation.’

The hours are shown below 12 o’clock on a ‘funnel’ type display, adorned with yellow Roman numerals. A small seconds display is positioned above 6 o’clock on an additional ‘funnel’ type display. The sloping internal walls of each indication augment the visual allure of the dial.

The snailed minute track is suspended above the dial epidermis. It is held in position with four feet. The cambered hours and minutes are conveyed with Poire Stuart hands, presented in an intense shade of lacquered red and the tip of the minute hand curves downwards as it nears the minuterie. A small counterweight on the minute hand acts like a tip, pointing to a secondary, central minute track. This latter feature is useful when the scale on the main minuterie is obscured by the upper funnel-type display.

The case

The Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Limited Edition 30 has great wrist presence, courtesy of its generously proportioned 44mm case. It has a thickness of 12.48mm, but is still capable of nuzzling beneath the cuff of a stylish shirt. The fluted onion crown facilitates ease of manipulation and is consistent with the design found on other Chronoswiss watches.

As stated previously, the bezel is highly polished. This treatment also extends to the top and underside of the lugs. The caseband, lug flanks and caseback are satin finished, tempering the overt gleam of the neighbouring surfaces.

Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Limited Edition 30

Knurled circlets frame the bezel and caseband, enriching the aesthetic appearance of the case. The caseback features a pane of sapphire crystal, affording views of the hand-wound movement.

Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Limited Edition 30

Considering its relative price position in the marketplace, Chronoswiss has always delivered a high level of quality. This is evident not only with its complex dials, but also with the impressive tactile quality of the materials it chooses to use. The Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Limited Edition 30 proves to be no exception. For example, a perfect illustration of this sumptuousness relates to the strap, presented in vivid yellow ‘hornback’ crocodile skin. The prominent ridged texture looks sublime and its appearance is enhanced using neat black stitching. The strap affixes to the wrist using a folding clasp coated in polished DLC.

The movement

At the heart of the Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Limited Edition 30 is a hand-wound movement, the Calibre C.678.

Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Limited Edition 30

The bridges are presented in black and feature circular Côtes de Genève. There are large gaps between the bridges, affording views of the mainplate, which is embellished with perlage, and other components usually hidden from view.

A screwed balance sits beneath a black balance cock. A swan-neck regulator is fitted to the balance, providing a watchmaker with the means to alter the effective length of the hairspring and, by default, the rate of the movement.

The frequency of the balance is 18,000 VpH (2.5Hz) and the movement incorporates 17 jewels. The mainspring is capable of harnessing sufficient energy to deliver 46 hours of autonomous operation.

Closing remarks

The dial of the Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Limited Edition 30 goes beyond merely indicating the prevailing time. Indeed, the dial is an artistic canvas enriched with a gorgeous texture and a myriad of different levels. The complexity of this dial should not be overlooked. The guilloché motif emanates from the centre, gradually increasing in size and superbly toying with light. The simple to read funnel-type displays introduce a wonderful three dimensional quality to the dial.

Unusually, the Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Limited Edition 30 pairs traditional elements, such as a guilloché dial and Poire Stuart hands, with vivid hues usually employed on neoteric watches. Surprisingly, this marriage of seemingly disparate elements works wonderfully. The black DLC case treatment brings the red hands and the yellow dial and strap combination to come to the fore, arresting the wearer’s attention.

Indeed, this is not a watch for those of a retiring disposition. The exuberant tones of the dial and strap preclude bashfulness. This is a statement watch. Those would-be wearers who are introverts by nature would be well served by this model’s sibling, delivered in grey and black with tasteful smatterings of subtle blue. However, if, like me, you choose to embrace the vivid colours of your youth, then the upbeat Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Limited Edition 30 with its yellow and black dial could be just for you.

Further reading

Technical specifications

  • Model: Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Limited Edition 30
  • Reference: CH-6725-YEBK
  • Case: Stainless steel with black DLC treatment; diameter 44mm; height 12.48mm; water resistance 3ATM (30 metres); sapphire crystal to the front and caseback
  • Functions: Hours; minutes; small seconds
  • Movement: Calibre C.678hand-wound movement; frequency 18,000 VpH (2.5Hz); 17 jewels; power reserve 46 hours
  • Strap: Yellow ‘hornback’ crocodile strap, paired with a folding clasp coated in polished DLC
  • Price: CHF 9,400 including taxes (RRP as at 27.2.2019)
  • Limited Edition: 30 pieces in each colour variant

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