Chopard L.U.C Skull One

The Chopard L.U.C Skull One is a limited-edition model sporting a Mexican calavera (skull) on its dial, along with sun, flower and heart-shaped motifs. This creation pays tribute to the Día de los Muertos, the annual celebration where the spirits of the deceased are temporarily reunited with their relatives.

Chopard L.U.C Skull One

Every year in Mexico, the nation celebrates the Día de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead). Held over two days, the purpose of this annual event is to remember loved ones who have passed away.

On the first day of the celebrations, toys and balloons adorn the graves of children. The following day, adults are honoured with displays of food, drinks and possessions which meant something to the deceased.

Chopard L.U.C Skull One

While Europeans may think these festivities sound a tad morbid, in Mexico they are viewed very differently. The widespread belief is the souls of departed loved ones enjoy a brief reunion with their living relatives. The accompanying celebrations involve consuming food and drink as well as dancing to music. Moreover, the faces of many Mexicans will be shrouded with a skull mask during the festivities.

Chopard has produced a limited-edition model that pays tribute to the Day of the Dead. The Chopard L.U.C Skull One features a Mexican calavera (skull) on its dial, along with sun, flower and heart-shaped motifs. This model is housed in a 40mm beadblasted DLC-coated steel case and, consistent with other L.U.C models, it is equipped with an impeccably finished movement, the L.U.C 96.53-L. Additional movement highlights include Chopard’s Twin technology and tungsten micro-rotor.

Limited to only 100 pieces, exclusivity is guaranteed.

Price: £8530 (RRP as at 29.10.2020)

Chopard L.U.C Skull One

The brand’s press release (October 2020)

A design inspired by ancient traditions

A syncretic tradition, born in the Aztec civilization and blended with Spanish Catholicism, the Día de los Muertos – Day of the Dead in Spanish – is a joyful celebration of the cycle of life and a reminder to be aware of the possibility of death, which in turn gives meaning to existence. A holiday intended as a remembrance of loved ones who have passed away, it is an opportunity to offer gifts, offerings and libations to the deceased, and to maintain the bond that unites families on both sides of the final frontier. Macabre, yet in a manner that is all about parody, this festival gives Chopard the opportunity to revisit the theme of vanities through the L.U.C Skull One timepiece. Its lacquered dial features a calavera face, a stylized Mexican skull featuring sun, flower and heart-shaped motifs, as well as a moustache with rounded tips above a sweet toothless smile. An emaciated, yet harmless-looking and even friendly skull on which the hours flow by, marked off by hands, Arabic numerals and gilded hour-markers striking an elegant contrast with the overall black hue.

A hand-stitched brown calfskin leather strap sets a final touch of elegance to this 100-piece limited edition. Responsibly sourced in accordance with stringent ethical criteria, this noble leather becomes even more beautiful when time enhances it with a light-brown patina.

Chopard L.U.C Skull One

An extremely accurate beating heart

The case of this new timepiece houses the L.U.C 96.53-L mechanical movement with automatic winding. Ultra-thin at a mere 3.3 mm, it is nonetheless equipped with two barrels based on Chopard Twin technology and ensuring a 58-hour power reserve. It comes to life thanks to a micro-rotor in tungsten – a high-density alloy ensuring optimal winding. With its movement bridges finely adorned with a “Côtes de Genève” pattern, it makes the L.U.C Skull One watch as beautiful inside as it is on the outside, which is why its precious calibre is made visible through a blackened transparent back reflecting the sombre aesthetic of this creation.

Chopard’s in-house approach to watch manufacturing

Chopard is a family Maison with a strongly ingrained philosophy of independence. The steps involved in making L.U.C watches are all performed at the Maison’s Geneva and Fleurier production sites. Movement development, finished product design, gold smelting, case stamping and machining, calibre components, traditional hand-crafted finishes, surface treatments, polishing, assembly, adjustments and quality controls: Chopard masters the full range of watch production operations and applies them to each and every L.U.C watch. These exceptional timepieces stemming from meticulous workmanship meet the aspirations of the modern-day gentleman. They speak to him without artifice or pretention, through a subtle blend of artisanal expertise and emotions.

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