Bulgari Serpenti Sedduttori Tourbillon

The Bulgari Serpenti Sedduttori Tourbillon respects the brand’s snake-themed products, dating back to the 1940s. It is endowed with a diminutive hand-wound tourbillon and is available in an 18-carat rose gold or white gold case, embellished with varying amounts of glamorous gems.

Bulgari Serpenti Sedduttori Tourbillon

Thoughts of serpents and snakes evoke a sense of fear and fascination. Moreover, they have figured in some key moments in history from Adam and Eve to the present day. Serpents and snakes represent fertility, immortality, passion and charm.

Asps, venomous snakes indigenous to the Nile, are often associated with Cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen (69BC – 30BC). She was said to have deliberately let herself be bitten by an asp. However, some historians suggest she committed suicide by having snake venom injected into her body. Irrespective of this latter moot point, Cleopatra will forever be associated with serpents and snakes.

During the 1800s, serpent bangles were dubbed ‘Cleopatra style’ by fashion commentators of the time. Researching Bulgari history reveals the first snake jewels emerged in the 1940s, with early ‘Machine Style’ serpent jewellery arriving in the latter part of the decade. Bulgari’s ingenious Tubogas bracelet provided a stylish means of depicting a snake’s body, while a watch often supplanted the reptile’s head. Over the years, the Roman firm has made both Serpenti bracelets and watches.

Ironically, in 1962, Elizabeth Taylor wore Bulgari snake bracelets on the set of Cleopatra, in various film scenes as well as attending prestigious red-carpet events. Thereafter, other stars of the silver screen and catwalk chose to wear Bulgari’s snaked-themed jewellery and watches. The legend was born.

The Sepenti Tubogas watch features a snake-shaped head, endowed with Tubogas bracelets with single or double ‘spiral’ bracelets. Both versions exude femininity and glamour. However, in 2019, Bulgari released the Bulgari Serpenti Sedduttori watches fitted with ‘conventional’ bracelets. I use the word conventional, but Bulgari only makes extraordinary. The bracelets feature a hexagonal pattern, reminiscent of the scales found on serpents.

Bulgari Serpenti Sedduttori Tourbillon

The inaugural versions of the Serpenti Sedduttori were quartz. However, this latest version of the snake-themed model is endowed with a hand-wound tourbillon movement, reputedly the smallest on the market. The prestigious marque has incorporated sublime finishing, worthy of the term Haute Horlogerie. Prospective purchasers can choose from 18-carat rose gold or white gold case options, each embellished with varying amounts of gems.

Bulgari Serpenti Sedduttori Tourbillon

Once again, Bulgari has respected its history by creating a stylish model encompassing high-end watchmaking expertise. This should not come as a surprise, everyone knows that serpents have the capacity to seduce.

The brand’s press release (October 2020)

Introduced at the LVMH Watch Week Dubai 2020, the indisputable highlight of the 2020 debuts was the new Serpenti Seduttori Tourbillon, a Ladies watch World Record echoing the Octo Finissimo World Records on the men’s watches side. This unique small-sized women’s tourbillon is specially designed to fit inside the sleek dimensions of the serpent-head case of the latest incarnation of Bvlgari’s most iconic watch, Serpenti.

Bulgari Serpenti Sedduttori Tourbillon

Over the years, Bvlgari has assumed the unique role as the Jeweler of Time thanks to the distinctive and unprecedented combination of jewellery-making expertise and Swiss watchmaking know-how that is at the heart of every single timepiece. These are watches with the soul of a jewel. In their fabrication, function follows form — but only to the most minute degree; each technical element must not only be impeccably wrought, but it must also exist in service to the distinctive design codes of the brand.

Bulgari Serpenti Sedduttori Tourbillon

When it was presented last year, the Serpenti Seduttori reimagined the Serpenti cult watch. The women’s watch that is Born to Be Gold, it elevates the preciousness of time and marks the golden moments of a woman’s life. Now, Serpenti Seduttori continues its journey with the debut of new models that are Born to Shine, including the rare tourbillon movement for women, BVL150 Calibre. The movement of the new Seduttori represents that synthesis of Swiss knowledge and jewellery-making savoir-faire that only Bvlgari can execute — and is a pinnacle of design as the smallest tourbillon on the market. It revives the lost tradition of the small mechanical movements that were replaced by the quartz in the early 70s.

Bulgari Serpenti Sedduttori Tourbillon


Designed to fit the Serpenti-shaped case, this small-sized shaped Haute Horlogerie movement is rhodium-plated, hand-decorated with Côtes de Genève, perlage and beveling, and features one sapphire bridge. Unlike other watchmakers, Bvlgari adapts the technical considerations to suit the aesthetics, and thus chose a transparent sapphire caseback at the level of the tourbillon to highlight the movement and decoration work, a winding stem inclined of 6 degrees, located between 2h and 3h, and special pavé setting to achieve as thin a case as possible.


The new Serpenti Seduttori Tourbillon models come in rose gold or white gold with diamond pavé and a leather strap or white gold with diamond pavé and a full diamond bracelet. In addition to those styles, five new Serpenti Seduttori editions round out the 2020 assortment. Their designs reinterpret the typical snake-skin smooth bracelet to debut one precious version with diamonds and one with alternating rose or white gold and steel.

Bulgari Serpenti Sedduttori Tourbillon

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