Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic Satin-Polished Steel 100m

The Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic Satin-Polished Steel 100m perpetuates the brand’s love of ultra-thin watches. In 2014, the ‘Roman Jeweller of Time’ imbued the Octo with a svelte torso, hand-wound movement and a 40mm platinum case. This latest creation features a slimline automatic movement and benefits from the brand’s vast expertise.

In 2012, Bulgari unveiled the Octo. Its 41.5mm case was remarkable, not because of its thickness of 10.55mm but owing to the number of facets gracing its case facets which numbered in excess of 100. Later, in 2014, the collection was enlarged with a chronograph, with 110 case facets, 5Hz movement and a case height of 13.07mm.

However, in the same year, Bulgari unveiled the inaugural ultra-thin Octo Finissimo, a hand-wound timepiece, housed in a 40mm platinum case with a supremely slender height of 5.0mm. This model attracted much praise from the world’s press and watch connoisseurs.

Over the years, the Octo family has grown to encompass different case materials, dial hues and complications, however, the intricately shaped case has endured through time. At the heart of the model’s success, beyond its obvious beauty, is the brand’s watchmaking capabilities. Bulgari is a shining example of a vertically-integrated Manufacture, making movements, cases, dials as well as a myriad of other components. Furthermore, it has amassed much expertise when it comes to ultra-thin movements, now widely regarded as one of the firm’s specialities.

The new Octo Finissimo Automatic Satin-Polished Steel 100m features an automatic movement, the Calibre BVL138, measuring 2.23mm in height and culminating in the model’s modest thickness of 6.40mm. The 40mm steel model has a maximum water resistance of 100m thanks to its increased case depth and the addition of a screw-down crown. Prospective purchasers can choose from black or blue lacquered dial options, each endowed with sunburst finishing.

The brand’s press release

Fueled by passion, and driven by excellence and artistry, Octo Finissimo continues to shift the paradigm of modern-day watchmaking with its latest Octo Finissimo Steel, featuring the thinnest automatic movement and a water resistance of 100 meters, made possible by increasing the case just slightly to 6.4mm and adding a screw-down crown.

Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic Satin-Polished Steel 100m

The Octo Finissimo saga is driven by a passion for excellence, showing a remarkable attention to detail and unique expertise in all of its designs. Beyond that, it is also a story of performance. Beyond that, it is also a story of performance. Octo is known for its mechanical brilliance, and leverages the expertise of Swiss watchmaking to create new editions that are technical masterpieces — a feature that is made even more impressive by the thinness of the designs.

Since its debut in 2014, Octo Finissimo has redrawn the boundaries of style, mastering a rare combination of aesthetic vision and mechanical expertise with each of its six World-Record-holding designs. From watch connoisseurs to those following the latest trends in timepieces, Octo’s audience is varied and diverse — a fact that establishes the collection as an icon of modern-day watchmaking.

Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic Satin-Polished Steel 100m

Octo Finissimo has always been a pioneer in the world of watches. What sets it apart — in addition to its thinness — is its ultra-performance. It is a powerhouse of technical execution, with dimensions that defy everything that existed before.

Having won more than 50 awards since 2014, Octo redefined the men’s watches landscape, and set new parameters for contemporary, urban watches. Since its start, it has been about creating something unique, different from anything that came before. With Octo, Bvlgari created a new shape for contemporary men’s watches, and in doing so, set new codes and a new trend for ultra-thin watches.

Now, the latest Octo designs continue to enrich the Octo Finissimo saga and cement its role as a paragon of trendsetting design. Debuting in Dubai this year with a polished lacquered black dial, the Octo Finissimo Automatic Satin-Polished Steel is now offered with a polished lacquered blue dial. These releases very much demonstrate that Bvlgari is hitting a big turning point for the collection – one in which discreet luxury can be versatile too. “We’re taking these record-setting timepieces from being a Supercar to a Grand Turismo – an extraordinary car that you drive every day. Compared to the extreme Sportscar it’s more like an all-wheel drive, as it’s 100 meters waterproof – you have the screw crown, you can dive, swim, take a shower; it’s great for dressing up or dressing down so you can wear it from the tennis court to the board room.”, commented Jean-Christophe Babin.

Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic Satin-Polished Steel 100m

Six years in, Octo has shown its consistent ability to lead the world of men’s watches. For 2020, it continues to refine and define the genre with new debuts that evolve the aesthetic of the collection, leaning into a modern sporty lifestyle, blending ultra-performance and style. As technical masterpieces with a distinctive and beautifully honed aesthetic, they once again establish Bvlgari as the Roman Jeweller of Time, and enrich the ongoing legacy of Octo, which has, in the six years since its debut, proven time and again that it has all the fundamental elements of a modern-day icon.

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