Bulgari London Limited Edition Octo Finissimo

The Bulgari London Limited Edition Octo Finissimo is a limited edition, ultra-thin skeletonised watch to be sold exclusively by Harrods, London. The model is presented in a 40mm, extra-thin ceramic semi-polished case, measuring 5.5mm in depth. Featuring a hand-wound movement, this slender timepiece will be launched at the Kensington store on Wednesday 26th August.

An ultra-thin, openworked watch such as the Bulgari London Limited Edition Octo Finissimo presents an array of technical challenges which need to be overcome.

Normally, a watch has sufficient depth to ensure rigidity. If a model lacks torsional stiffness, it will flex, causing parts such as the gear train to be out of alignment. This may impair the power transmission to the escapement or, worse still, cause the gears to foul neighbouring components. In order to ensure there is no flex, due consideration has to be given to the forces acting on the mainplate and other movement parts.

Historically, skeleton watches were crafted from regular movements, usually hand-wound and modified using a combination of blades and files. A skilled artisan would know where the material was superfluous and where it was essential. While this traditional technique continues to be practised, most modern-day skeleton watches are designed from the outset to be openworked. Computer-aided design can be used to calculate the loads on various parts of the movement in order that it remains rigid and reliable.

Bulgari is more than up to the task of meeting the aforementioned technical challenges. The brand makes its own movements, dials and cases. In terms of the Bulgari London Limited Edition Octo Finissimo, the case is made of ceramic with a ‘semi-polished’ finish. The material is technically challenging to realise, especially in ultra-thin form, but this luxury marque has repeatedly demonstrated its technical prowess over the years and is clearly up to the task.

The Bulgari London Limited Edition Octo Finissimo features green hues, a reference to the prestigious retailer, Harrods. It will be launched at the prestigious retailer in Knightsbridge on Wednesday 26th August.

The brand’s press release

Making its debut at Harrods in September 2020, Bvlgari’s ‘London’ limited edition Octo Finissimo Automatic combines the elegance of ultra-thin execution with the audacity of contemporary watch design. This watch joins the Octo Finissimo range which has changed the face of the industry in terms of thinness, breaking five world records to date.

Bulgari London Limited Edition Octo Finissimo

With expert Bvlgari Swiss craftsmanship, limited globally to twelve pieces for the UK and engraved with ‘London Limited Edition’ on the case back, this watch represents a truly unique purchase. Priced at £23,200, it is available exclusively at Harrods for four weeks in celebration of the longstanding partnership between Bvlgari and the iconic department store.

Bulgari London Limited Edition Octo Finissimo

“It is an honour to be collaborating with Bvlgari for the third time on another exclusive Octo watch for Harrods. Designed in every way with the Harrods man in mind, from the thick stealth black ceramic casing to the understated two-tone finish, I am so delighted to offer our customers such a sophisticated and sleek timepiece.” Annalise Fard, Director of Beauty, Accessories, Fine Watches & Jewellery – Harrods

The Octo Finissimo Automatic is the first watch on the market to be made entirely with ceramic, including the buckle. Ceramic is an innovative yet uncompromising material, which requires a high degree of technical expertise to achieve ultra-thin execution. The ‘London’ limited edition is also the only Octo to combine both a semi-polished case and bracelet.

“This is a brand new design with two distinct finishes giving the watch a new aesthetic as the matt black and polished black finishings create two entirely different colours. This better shows the complexity of the Octo surfaces which underpins the look of this contemporary watch.” Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani, Product Creation Executive Director – Bvlgari

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