Diet Solo but with all the flavour

As I looked at the new Bremont SOLO 37, the model made perfect sense to me. The SOLO was launched earlier this year. Its 43 mm case looks mightily handsome on my wrist and indeed many “average” males. But, what if you are of smaller physical stature? Well, the SOLO 37 may well be for you.


Bremont SOLO 37



It is a sad fact of life that when you remove the carbohydrate and saturated fat from food it seldom tastes as good. This is certainly my perception, speaking as a chap who has an uncanny knack of being first in the queue at a wedding buffet.


Numerous paper plates can be securely held in my shovel-like hands. Geometric shapes forged from sausage roll towers satisfy my obsessive compulsive disorder and help prevent unnecessary waste being tipped into the local landfill.


I have always had a prodigious talent to consume food ever since I was a school boy prematurely embracing puberty and towering over my classmates. My best friend when I was aged 11, was James Butterworth, or “Jammie” as I affectionately called him.


Our antics involved building dens on “Bessie’s meadow”, gutsily gulping jam turnovers covertly procured from the cooling wires in Jammie’s mum’s kitchen. I still recall when we burnt our lips smoking our peace pipe, a length of 15mm copper pipe containing ignited newspaper. I was never tempted to try tobacco as a result.


The reason I mention Jammie, is that we were kindred spirits. We shared a thirst for adventure and gorging cakes. Yet, there was one significant difference between us, our heights and general build. Our physiques would feature at both ends of the distribution curve on the school nurse’s chart.


As I looked at the new Bremont SOLO 37, the model made perfect sense to me. The SOLO was launched earlier this year. Its 43 mm case looks mightily handsome on my wrist and indeed many “average” males. But, what if you are of smaller physical stature? Well, the SOLO 37 may well be for you.


Bremont SOLO 37

Bremont SOLO – 43 mm case


Bremont are known for making quintessentially British watches, inspired by aviation, designed for men. However, the new SOLO 37 has the potential to also engage with female buyers. It is available with a bi-metallic case, gold numerals, practical metal bracelets and straps in ladylike hues.


Bremont SOLO 37



The dial

The dial is available in silver or black. The hours are depicted with applied Arabic numerals. Prospective purchasers can choose from silver coloured numerals or gold, the latter potentially appealing to the fairer sex.


Bremont SOLO 37



The hour and minute hands are lined with luminous material and framed in silver or gold, matching the chosen numeral colour. The matching central second hand features a red tip and co-ordinating circular marker.


Batons feature at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. At noon, a triangular index is presented, faithful to the historic pilot’s watches of the 1940’s.


A date aperture is located at 3 o’clock.


The simplicity of the dial, eloquently conveys time with peerless brevity. Nothing is extraneous or distracting.


The case

Bremont have earned an excellent reputation in their short history for the breadth of engineering harnessed in their models. The stainless steel case has been hardened to 2000 Vickers making it highly resistant to scratching.


Bremont SOLO 37



The Trip-Tick® three-piece case; bezel, caseband and caseback join together in pleasing concert. Its water resistance to 100 metres make the watch eminently wearable.


A sapphire crystal caseback facilitates viewing of the calibre 13 1/4” BE-36AE movement housed within the handsome timepiece.


Bremont’s propellor logo adorns the vertical surface of the knurled crown reminding the wearer of the brands association with aviation.


The steel case has a satin finish. Potential purchasers can select a steel bezel or a more luxuriant 18-carat rose gold alternative. The latter may find favour with female clientele who appreciate the warmth proferred by the valuable metal.


A broad choice of straps are available. I recently visited the Bremont Boutique in Mayfair and thought the white leather strap would suit a dainty debutante’s wrist admirably. Many purchasers may prefer a metal bracelet which is ideal for those who wish to wear the watch whilst in the gym, swimming pool or shower.


The movement

Bremont use Swiss movements in the SOLO 37 but they breathe upon them with their own accomplished skill. The finishing is excellent, shaming several watches which command higher retail prices. The screws are blued and circular graining features on the main plate and bridges.


Bremont SOLO 37

SOLO – 43 mm version pictured, SOLO-37 visually similar


Whilst Bremont have a production facility in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland, as well as at Henley-on-Thames, they have expressed an intention to relocate more of the production to the UK. The English brothers must be commended for their faith in British manufacturing, but then, their faith has not been misplaced to date.


Few mechanical movements are tested by the independent “Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres” (COSC) and receive their coveted certification. However, the SOLO 37, like many Bremont models has met the stringent tests and carries the words “Chronometer” on the dial.


I have chatted to many of my wife’s friends and the common complaint about manual wind watches is that they often forget to wind the watch and prefer the convenience of quartz. Quartz watches are soulless and devoid of passion or emotion. The beauty of the SOLO 37 is that it is mechanical and offers the convenience of being self-winding. A perfect solution for those ladies with hectic lifestyles.



My tale about Jammie Butterworth perfectly demonstrates that not all men share the same physique and a smaller, lighter timepiece may be the preferred choice for some gentleman of more diminutive proportions. The SOLO 37 fulfils this role perfectly.


Ladies may also like the aesthetics and mechanical integrity of the Bremont SOLO 37 and enjoy the character of this timepiece which looks equally at home with casual attire or a cocktail dress and stilletto heels.


In summary, Bremont have produced a becoming watch, with all the intrinsic qualities of the 43mm version of the Bremont SOLO, but with smaller dimensions and reduced mass. The watch may have shed some of the fat and sugar but the flavour remains superb. If only Bremont could diversify into food production.

Technical specification

  • Model: Bremont SOLO-37
  • Reference: SOLO-37/RG – silver dial, steel case, 18-carat role gold numerals & bezel
  • Case: steel; diameter 37.00 mm; water resistant to 10 bar (100 metres); sapphire crystal to front and caseback.
  • Functions: Hours; minutes; central seconds; date.
  • Movement: Calibre 13 1/4” BE-36AE, self-winding movement; frequency 28,800 vph (4Hz) ; 25 jewels; power reserve 38 hours.
  • Strap: Brown leather strap fitted with steel pin buckle.

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