Brabus Aviation

Brabus is a name often associated with high-performance cars. However, Clive Girven explores Brabus Aviation, the company’s aerospace arm.

This detailed article looks at the history of Brabus and, more specifically, Brabus Aviation.

Brabus Aviation

The automotive industry has benefitted greatly from technological and innovative advances born in the aerospace industry, Formula 1 pays particular testament to that fact. Aerodynamics, materials’ technology, such as carbon fibre, and fly by wire are just a few of the innovations derived from aviation that today we take for granted in cars. However, the flow in the opposite direction has been somewhat limited as yet but there is much within the car industry, particularly in the luxury sector, that is readily transferable to the world of executive jets.

A turning tide

Many mainstream car manufacturers use the options list as a marketing tool to entice new purchasers to part with their hard earned finances. Some boast that there are up to half a million permutations available to make the customer’s car as individual as possible.

It’s sad to say, considering their expense, but executive jet manufacturers have, to some degree, been left behind. White with a stripe on the outside and leather upholstery with wood veneer within isn’t exactly filled with imagination. However, one renowned company has taken an innovative approach to turn the tide and it comes from a surprising source, Brabus.

Pedigree and Heritage

Since 1977 Brabus have been taking the finest of German automotive engineering and transforming them into bespoke, high performance, luxury vehicles. Mercedes-Benz being the starting point for their creative endeavours.

At their headquarters in Botrop, Germany, they transform every aspect of the vehicle to very specific customer requirements. No component is left untouched. Engines are tuned to maximise power delivery and performance and body work and handling characteristics are honed to perfection. The interior also receives an enormous amount of attention to ensure that each client’s specific requests are met and they are presented with exactly what they desired. With the Brabus attention to detail and high level craftsmanship conferred, satisfaction is assured.

Now Brabus are working their magic in the world of business jets via a new company, Brabus Private Aviation.

Brabus Aviation

Brabus Aviation

A regulated world

With over 35 years experience in the world of premium exclusive automobiles, the translation of their skills and craftsmanship to aircraft presented a challenge. Brabus recognised their inexperience in the heavily regulated world of aviation. It is not a simple process to create an aircraft interior, even more complex to enhance and customise. All materials require certification and that is only granted after exhaustive testing to ensure compliance with the plethora of national and international airworthiness requirements.

It might seem a logical step for Brabus to evolve and extend its prowess into the world of private aviation. However, the company was not so naive as to expect it to be a straightforward process. To this end Brabus sought the cooperation of some of the leading participants in the industry and formed an alliance to make the dreams of its clients a reality.

The team

The team which Brabus Aviation has brought together to deliver its plans comprise a number of leading proponents in aviation.

Privat Air, is a familiar and highly respected name within the private aviation world, engaged in operations and management with a global network of aviation experts and facilities.

Unlike many other countries of the world, in Germany engineers are highly regarded professionals and, in a similar way to that of a medical practitioner being called Doctor, they are given the very formal title of “Engineer”.

Being so highly respected, it, therefore, comes as no surprise that it is a German engineering company, RUAG Aviation based in Munich, which provides Brabus Aviation’s completion and maintenance capabilities.

Finally, HAPPY DESIGN STUDIO, with its many years of experience in the development and execution of extraordinary liveries, presents its skills and flair. The line up is complete.

Brabus Aviation

Brabus has assembled a team of unrivalled excellence which, together, provide the complete aircraft life cycle service.

The Complete Service


If time is of the essence Brabus Aviation can provide a choice of three very limited editions interiors. These showcase the exceptional quality of materials and design possibilities and demonstrate the superior quality of craftsmanship and finish which has become expected with Brabus automobiles and yachts, and which has now been translated to the private jet. Anything is now possible and available to the client seeking an individualised and personalised aircraft.


“Off the shelf” and “standard” are words that you will not hear at Brabus Aviation.

The interior of your bespoke aircraft is only limited by your own imagination, subject of course to any regulatory considerations. Almost endless possibilities result. In flight entertainment, internet and satellite communication access are real possibilities, all controlled through the latest tablet applications. With a no-compromise approach to selection and the finish of materials you can be assured that the passion and dedication of its workforce will fulfil your expectations and provide a level of unsurpassed quality.

Three levels of customising are available to clients depending at what stage they are at with regard to aircraft ownership.

A “Light refurbishment” involves the changing of soft materials such as leather seat covers and wood surfaces.

An “Advanced Refurbishment” is more involved and is often undertaken following a change of ownership. This often requires a complete change of cabin layout and as such is more technically involved sine that demands changes to safety critical equipment, like the overhead passenger safety units?

Finally the most complex of all is a “Green aircraft”, one that has just come off the production line. This is effectively a blank canvas where the client and Brabus can together work in designing and completing the perfect cabin and livery to satisfy individual needs and wishes.


Aircraft are of such a size that they make a wonderful blank canvas for individual expression or as a tool to project a company’s capabilities and aspirations. The aircraft’s exterior should be a reflection of the heart and soul of its interior design, and not the simple, bland, facile statement presented by many business aircraft.


Entrusting Brabus Aviation with the task of selecting and creating the perfect aircraft for the discerning client promises a fulfilment of expectations.

But, this is only part of the story.

The provision of highly trained flight deck and cabin crew, combined with its engineering capabilities, ensure a safe efficient operation.

Business aircraft unlike schedule passenger aircraft spend a lot of time on the ground. Brabus Aviation offers a further service. They can put your aircraft to work, providing another revenue stream, by offering it for private charter to select, like-minded individuals or companies. However, it remains your aircraft and will be always available when and where you require it without the financial negative of underuse.

The complete Brabus lifestyle is now available. Car, yacht, helicopter and executive jet, all can now be accessed with your own selected, carefully chosen, distinctive Brabus styling.

About the author

Clive Girven is an experienced commercial pilot, with a flying career which commenced in the British Royal Air Force, flying helicopters.

Clive flies an Embraer for a well-known airline but sometimes waxes lyrical about his other passion in life, collecting wristwatches with an aeronautical theme.

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