Bovet 2020 Virtuoso VII

The Bovet 2020 Virtuoso VII features two limited edition models, one endowed with rich red tones and a second enriched with vivid green hues. Both models incorporate an exquisite guilloché dial, perpetual calendar and the brand’s acclaimed AMADEO® System.

Bovet 2020 Virtuoso VII

Bovet, the revered maker of fine watches, is based in the small village of Môtiers in the Val-de-Travers region of Switzerland. The brand’s atelier resembles a fairytale castle, crafting limited numbers of magical watches.

Its specialities include high complications and artisanal crafts such as hand engraving and miniature painting. The historical Maison, founded in 1822, is also known for its ingenious AMADEO® System which allows a wristwatch to be reversed, affording sight of a second dial. In addition, the wristwatch can also be converted into a pocket watch, table clock or pendant without the need for tools.

Recently, the Swiss firm revisited one of its former beauties, creating two limited-edition models, one suffused with rich shades of red and the other enriched with green hues. The Bovet 2020 Virtuoso VII upholds the company’s reputation for artisanal craftsmanship, technical virtuosity and prepossessing aesthetics.

The brand’s press release

The perpetual calendar is one of the most highly prized watchmaking complications among collectors. It shows the full date that accounts for the specific length of each month, whether 28, 29, 30, or 31 days. Created by Mr Pascal Raffy, the owner of BOVET 1822, the Virtuoso VII timepiece shows the date, day of the week, month, and leap year cycle. Other indications include power reserve, hours, minutes, and seconds displayed on both dials of the timepiece.

The 2020 Virtuoso VII collection is being expanded with a new model available as a limited edition in red or white gold with a sumptuous green guilloché dial. Once again, the dial makers have displayed great virtuosity in creating not only the two dials but also the various display elements in a reduced size. Despite the reduced thickness of both the hours and minutes dials, they still boast the delicate, unique guilloché pattern designed by Mr Raffy. The pattern’s prismatic effect reveals its fineness as it showcases the lotus flower, with 12 petals, that has been the symbol of the House of BOVET since 1822.

The Virtuoso VII Perpetual Calendar subdivides seconds to achieve impeccable chronometry even as it invites the collector to appreciate time. It represents a slice of eternity as interpreted by Mr Raffy and the House of BOVET artisans according to the finest expression of time.

Bovet 2020 Virtuoso VII

The Virtuoso VII belongs to the Fleurier collection and comes with the iconic patented Amadéo® case that allows the collector to wear the timepiece with a reversible bracelet, as a pocket watch, or as an elegant desk clock. An unprecedented convergence of technical ingenuity drives the Virtuoso VII, with dimensions similar to those of a traditional wristwatch, it delivers more information on both dials of the timepiece. For greater comfort and chronometry, the movement’s single barrel ensures over five days of power reserve.

This perfect technical expertise goes hand in hand with all the talent of the House of BOVET artisans. Every component, whether visible or invisible, is decorated using the traditional artisanal methods. The plate and bridges showing the functions of the perpetual calendar are fully hand-engraved with the iconic Fleurisanne pattern.

The House of BOVET has been contributing the finest touch to decorative arts, chronometry, mechanical ingenuity, and innovation since 1822. The artisans’ dedication, passion, respect for tradition, and care for the minor details are the hallmarks of exquisite and unparalleled high watchmaking.

To further increase the level of excellence, Mr. Raffy has limited annual creation to 800 handcrafted timepieces. He is redefining true luxury by making all components in-house, respecting the Swiss artisanal processes and adding the commitment of exclusivity to the experience extended to collectors.

Bovet 2020 Virtuoso VII

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