Baume & Mercier Clifton Club 10337

The Baume & Mercier Clifton Club 10337 is a modern timepiece from the Genevan brand. It features the hours, minutes and date, along with a delightfully clear orange and white central sweep seconds hand. With its neoteric mien this is a very versatile watch, suitable for an array of different social settings.

This detailed review of the  Baume & Mercier Clifton Club 10337 includes live images, specification details and pricing.

Baume & Mercier Clifton Club 10037

The benefit of clubs is that they bring together likeminded individuals who share a common interest. Members can exchange ideas and, in some cases, derive pleasure from competing with each other.

However, not all aspects of clubs are positive. Some clubs are exclusive and separate those individuals who possess wealth from those who don’t. Thankfully, the latest timepiece from Baume & Mercier, the Clifton Club, is not unduly expensive and proffers an inclusive approach to watch ownership.

The ultra-modern Clifton Club is available in five versions. I succumbed to the allure of the Baume & Mercier Clifton Club 10337, sporting a white dial and stylish black bezel.

The dial

The first aspect of the Baume & Mercier Clifton Club 10337 to arrest attention is the pure white, chaste dial. Its appearance is free of clutter, avoiding superfluous detail. Baume & Mercier has expertly played with depths, with the sunken central area of the dial sitting below the main dial epidermis. 

Baume & Mercier Clifton Club 10037

The hour and minute hands are bold, interfacing with baton-like hour markers. Each hour marker resembles an isosceles triangle with a truncated tip. The central sweep seconds hand is an ebullient shade of orange and includes a white triangle along its form.

At 3 o’clock, a date aperture reveals crisp, black numerals. The date values are simple to read, courtesy of the sufficiently sized date window. At noon, a Baume & Mercier logo supplants the batons used elsewhere on the dial.

Surrounding the main dial area is a chapter ring, neatly marked with simple black strokes. The central sweep seconds hand interfaces with said black strokes, making for simple ease of read off.

The modern character of the dial is augmented with the addition of orange accents. The dial is both handsome and clear, providing the perfect foil for the articulation of time.

The case

The case is made of stainless steel (316L) and measures 42mm in diameter. Its proportions make it ideal for a broad cross-section of would-be wearers, cleverly avoiding the extremes of size. The case height is 10.3mm which could not be described as ‘ultra-thin’, but should allow the watch to reside neatly beneath a shirt cuff.

Baume & Mercier Clifton Club 10037

Placing the watch upon the arm, the watch affords a comfortable union with the wrist.

At first glance, the calfskin strap resembles a fabric rather than leather. This is owing to a textured motif applied to the surface of the strap which implores the wearer to examine its surface with an outstretched index finger. The black strap is detailed with contrasting orange calfskin, reinforcing the sense of modernity.

The crown is surrounded by arcing crown protectors. The case-band and lugs feature scalloped vertical flanks, heightening the perception of quality and grace. The black bezel features a 15 minute ascent scale and Arabic numerals at 10-minute intervals. An orange triangular index resides at noon.

Baume & Mercier Clifton Club 10037

The Swiss brand has chosen to equip the Baume & Mercier Clifton Club 10337 with a solid case-back. Personally, I would have preferred an exhibition case-back. However, notwithstanding this, the solid case back is beautifully presented. At the centre of the dorsal plane is the word ‘Club’, a shield and a series of vertical lines. This assemblage of detail coalesces to deliver an elegant appearance.

The movement

The Baume & Mercier Clifton Club 10337 contains the Sellita SW200. This self-winding movement contains 26 jewels and has a power reserve sufficient to deliver 38 hours of autonomy. The balance has a frequency of 28,800 VpH (4Hz).

Owing to the solid case-back it was not possible to appraise the quality of the movement finishing.

Closing remarks

The dial of the Baume & Mercier Clifton Club 10337 is both graceful and eminently simple to read. The white hue of the dial has a pure characteristic and, together with the orange details, evinces a contemporary persona.

The case is neutral in terms of sizing, making it suitable for a broad array of wrist sizes. Moreover, the sinuous surfaces of the case-band reinforce the sense of luxury and provides no hint at the modest cost of the Clifton Club.

Where the Baume & Mercier Clifton Club 10337 particularly excels is in terms of its versatility. It is neither exclusively a ‘sports watch’ nor simply a ‘dress watch’, but a timepiece which would befit an array of social settings. Furthermore, with its accessible price of £1650, this is one Club which is very inclusive.

Technical specification

• Model: Baume & Mercier Clifton Club 10037

• Reference: 10037

• Case: Stainless steel; diameter 42mm; height 10.3mm; sapphire crystal to front and solid caseback.

• Functions: Hours; minutes; central seconds; date.

• Movement: SW200, Self-winding movement; frequency 28,800 vph (4 Hz) 26 jewels; power reserve 38 hours.

• Strap: Calfskin

• Price: £1650.00 (RRP as at 15.5.2017)

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