Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon “Year of the Ox”

The Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon “Year of the Ox” is endowed with artistic crafts, a specular hermatite dial, suffused with sparkling inclusions, and a super-precise moonphase indication. Moreover, with its beautifully finished movement, relative scarcity and comparably keen pricing, the Swiss marque makes a compelling case for acquisition.

Arnold & Son has been prolific of late, releasing several limited-edition models, often encompassing various artistic crafts. Its latest model, the Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon “Year of the Ox” upholds this trend and honours the forthcoming Chinese Zodiac animal. The Chinese New Year officially begins on the 12th February and, to date, several watch brands have launched timepieces honouring the event.

In this instance, the prestigious marque has selected its existing HM Perpetual Moon, a highly impressive creation in its own right, and enriched its specification with several exquisite details.

Housed in a 42mm 18-carat red gold case (5N), the Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon “Year of the Ox” features a generously proportioned moon formed of mother-of-pearl with hand-painted shadows and a liberal application of Super-LumiNova. The constellations are also hand-painted using silver powder and, once again, Super-LumiNova. When the watch is viewed in dim light, the luminescent treatment evinces a comely glow.

Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon "Year of the Ox"

The Manufacture, based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, has depicted pagodas on the dial by hand-painting the tiered temples using pink gold powder. Again, luminescent material confers nocturnal visibility. An Ox is presented in relief and positioned at 6 o’clock. It is hand-engraved in 18-carat yellow gold and sits adjacent an exquisite black vista formed of specular hermatite which includes numerous sparkling inclusions.

Beyond the model’s artistic canvas, the watch is endowed with a hand-wound movement, the tried and trusted Calibre A&S1512. This rhodium-finished movement is adorned with an array of high-end finishes, including Côtes de Genève rayonnantes, double colimaçon on the ratchets, thermally blued screws, etc. The finishing of the movement is worthy of the term ‘Haute Horologerie’. The moonphase is highly accurate, deviating by just one day every 122 years. It can be easily adjusted by pressing the pushpiece, positioned at 2 o’clock, using a tool provided with the watch. The eight phases of the moon are shown on the movement, visible via the exhibition caseback. This indication allows for very precise setting of the moonphase.

Despite the high-end finishing, the various artistic crafts employed and the high degree of exclusivity, Arnold & Son has created a timepiece with remarkably keen pricing.

Price: CHF 49,000 (RRP as at 23.1.2021)

The brand’s press release (January 2021)

In honour of the traditional Chinese zodiacal calendar’s new year, Arnold & Son has produced an eight-piece limited series of its high-precision moon-phases model decorated with a buffalo. The year of the Metal Buffalo begins on 12 February 2021 and symbolises appeasement, dialogue and soil fertility. It is thus a powerful and docile animal that is represented on the dial of the Perpetual Moon “Year of the Ox”.

Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon "Year of the Ox"


Arnold & Son have installed their large moon in the night-sky that forms the dial of this exceptional timepiece. In a large aperture, a disc turns to show us the age of the heavenly body, the appearance of its crescent and its light. This moon is crafted in mother-of-pearl, its shadows are hand-painted and it is coated with Super-LumiNova.

In the daylight, it is almost white. In the dark, it lights up from within and takes on a new aspect, with details emerging. Further along on this disc, the constellation has been created using the same methods.


Arnold & Son continue to make the most of the infinitely varying textures nature has to offer. After obsidian and aventurine quartz, it is specular hematite that has been selected for making the dial of this Perpetual Moon. This variety of hematite is in laminated form, with layers that are naturally smooth and shiny.

As with all hematites, due to its iron composition there are silvery flakes in its totally black mass. These glittering specks have also been incorporated into the double-faced alligator-skin strap, the outer face of which is black, flake-speckled and embellished with stitching in veritable platinum (Pt950) thread.


But the unique and exclusive signature of this limited series is the buffalo with immense horns standing, imposingly, at 6 o’clock. It is a miniature gold sculpture featuring the animal in a majestic posture. In the background is a scenery of multi-storey pagodas, hand-painted with gold powder.

Their windows have also been painted with Super-LumiNova. Thus at night-time, these temples are lit up from the interior and the Perpetual Moon takes on an inhabited aspect.

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