Armin Strom Watch Configurator

The Armin Strom Watch Configurator tool allows online visitors to the company’s website to personalise their timepiece and, in so doing, create their very own unique watch for no additional cost.

Angus Davies looks at the Armin Strom Watch Configurator and learns more about this innovative approach to watch production.


The ultimate expression of luxury is to have a product made to an individual’s own specification. For example, sartorially astute gentlemen often make a beeline to London’s Savile Row to procure a fine bespoke suit. Moreover, they may also choose to complement this with a pair of handmade shoes, made to order, and a tailor-made shirt, cut to the individual’s physique.

One simple pleasure which I thoroughly enjoy is to go online and visit the websites of BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. Here, one is able to use a configuration tool to create the ideal specification of one’s dream car. The notion of automotive personalisation, once again, reinforces the sense of luxury and individualism.

I have often expressed my disappointment that no watch company offers a similar online facility, allowing the prospective purchaser to tailor a watch to their own exacting requirements. However, courtesy of Armin Strom, this situation has changed, with the high-end Swiss watch manufacture, recently unveiling its innovative ‘Watch Configurator’.


The online user is first invited to select their chosen movement from the brand’s existing collection, including a tourbillon, five-day power reserve, self-winding model with micro-rotor to name but a few. Thereafter, the user can choose the case material, ‘the style and colour of the dial and hands’.

Personalisation options include specifying the colour of the gear train, the strap, the colour of stitching on the strap and even having their initials applied to the ‘lip’ adjacent 6 o’clock. At all stages of configuration, the user is able to see, in real time, the price of their unique dream watch.


Armin Strom points out that this configurator does not supplant their existing authorised retailers. Indeed, a member of the public can personalise their watch with the added support of their retailer on-site, within a boutique environment, receiving suitable guidance on their chosen timepiece.

On hearing of this new service, I cynically assumed that there must be a price premium for creating an individual watch, however, this is not the case. In fact, the company is keen to point out that the watches ‘purchased through the Watch Configurator system are no more expensive than serial models by Armin Strom’.

As an avid web-surfer, with an appetite for configuring luxury cars to my preferred specification, I must confess that Armin Strom, courtesy of its superb ‘Watch Configurator’, has created another delightful and user-friendly way to while away the hours. 

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