Anonimo Nautilo NATO

Angus Davies gets ‘hands-on’ with the Anonimo Nautilo NATO.

This detailed review of the Anonimo Nautilo NATO includes live images, specification details and pricing.

Anonimo Nautilo NATO

Looking through my office window, I absorb the spectacle in front of me. My garden smiles in the summer sun with plants and flowers flirtatiously exhibiting their colourful blooms and green foliage. It is with a sense of happiness that my eyes squint in the summer sun and I absorb vitamin D in preparation for yet another harsh winter.

Long after the sun has disappeared and rainy days return to my native Lancashire, I will continue to look for reminders of warmer and happier times.

The Anonimo Nautilo NATO is presented in a yellow and black, bumble bee, colour scheme, immediately enlivening my soul with its cheerful tones. It brims with optimism, courtesy of the generous smatterings of yellow on its dial, bezel and strap. However, beyond its eye-catching combination of colours, I wanted to ascertain the virtues of this timepiece.

The dial

The black dial provides peerless contrast with the adjacent white and yellow details. Black dials always seem to offer the most contrast and helpfully confer excellent readability.

Anonimo Nautilo NATO

Another aspect which assists in legibility is that the sapphire crystal is flat. Often curved or glass-box crystals can introduce a degree of glare which inhibits ease of read off. No such problems afflict the Anonimo Nautilo NATO.

The hour and minute hands are partially open-worked and feature luminescent treatment. The central sweep seconds hand features a white lollipop circlet and a yellow counterweight, formed into the shape of the Anonimo logo.

Double-batons are positioned at 4, 8 and 12 o’clock to intentionally form an ‘A’, the first letter of the Anonimo brand name. The other hour markers are circular. Each hour marker is applied and framed with a silver-toned border.

A date aperture is presented at 6 o’clock. The white text on the black date disc proves eminently simple to read.

Framing the dial is a metallic yellow flange, further enlivening the face of this cheerful timepiece. However, beyond its smiley demeanour, the dial of this watch is easy to interpret. There are no distracting elements which inhibit ease of understanding.

The case

The case is composed of steel and black DLC. It measures 44.4mm in diameter, but appears smaller when worn. This can be attributed to the short lugs and the malleability of the NATO strap which readily encircles the wrist.

Anonimo Nautilo NATO

The Anonimo Nautilo NATO is modestly priced at CHF 2,190 (RRP as at 4.7.2017). However, despite its humble asking price, the case construction is quite complex. Beyond the fluted bezel, the case-band is delivered in matt black DLC, while other areas of the case-band consist of ridged sections, formed of brushed steel.

Anonimo Nautilo NATO

Anonimo does not follow convention. The crown is located at 4 o’clock and it is partly protected with an arcing crown guard running from 01:30 to 03:30. The crown guard does not impair ease of adjustment and altering the time proves very simple.

Anonimo Nautilo NATO

The unidirectional bezel features a black ceramic insert. The bezel turns with a light, positive action and exudes quality with each smile-inducing click.

Another positive trait of the Anonimo Nautilo NATO is that there are no annoying sharp edges to be found. This may sound like an essential requirement of any watch but, surprisingly, it is shocking how often watch cases can be found wanting in this area. No such problems afflict the Anonimo.

The movement

The watch is equipped with a Sellita SW200-1 movement. The frequency of the balance is 28,800 VpH (4Hz) and the movement contains 26 jewels. The spring barrel provides 38 hours of autonomy.

Anonimo Nautilo NATO

Owing to the solid case back, no assessment could be made of the movement finishing.

Closing remarks

The Anonimo Nautilo NATO is not the most complex or, indeed, the most costly timepiece I have reviewed. However, what it does, it does very well.

The dial is simple to read and highly attractive. There are a myriad of small details which enrich the ownership experience. While these may be small in isolation, e.g. the counterweight on the central sweep seconds hand, collectively they augment wearer delight.

Details are not limited merely to the dial but extend to the case. The combination of brushed steel with black DLC is most agreeable. The ridged section of the case-band provides a pleasing tactile encounter. The bezel turns with a light, positive action and the case is free of any annoying sharpness.

When summer ebbs away and dark days rear their ugly heads, I will feel a pang of sadness. Likewise, I will miss the colourful Anonimo Nautilo NATO when I return it to the Swiss maison. This watch not only looks magnificent, it is well put together, feels fabulous upon the wrist and delivers excellent value. Indeed, I will be sad to see it go.

Technical specifications

• Model: Anonimo Nautilo NATO

Case: Stainless steel and black DLC; diameter 44.4mm; water resistant to 20 bar (200 metres); sapphire crystal to front and caseback.

• Functions: Hours; minutes; central sweep seconds; date.

• Movement: Sellita SW200-1; frequency 28,800 VpH (4Hz); 26 jewels; power reserve 38 hours.

• Strap: NATO bi-colour strap with DLC pin buckle.

• Price: CHF 2,190 (RRP as at 6.7.2017)

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