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ESCAPEMENT is an online magazine aimed at individuals with a passion for watch collecting, who appreciate “the finer things in life”. It is owned and operated by Angus Davies and his wife, Heidi Davies. Angus regularly writes reviews on timepieces which pique his interest, whilst Heidi edits all of his work. In addition, guest writers often contribute to ESCAPEMENT, providing an alternative view of the world of luxury.

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Vacheron Constantin in the Middle East

Vacheron Constantin has always been a brand I have adored ever since I saw a Patrimony Chronograph a few years ago at Owen & Robinson, Leeds, England. A brand that was formed in 1755 and is able to look back over more than 255 years of uninterrupted activity, could never be accused of being a…

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World Premiere Launch of Blancpain X Fathoms – superlatives abound

Blancpain launched their most extreme watch in the largest aquarium in the world, the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in the Dubai Mall, Dubai.   25th October 2011 I had arrived in Dubai a few days earlier and I could not escape the billboards proclaiming “A World Premiere Launch” and “X Fathoms”. However, being a…

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OMEGA Seamaster 1948 Co Axial London 2012 Limited Edition.

London 2012   In 2012 the Olympic Games again come to London and so will OMEGA. To honour the return Omega are introducing the OMEGA Seamaster 1948 Co Axial “London 2012” Limited Edition.     Honouring History In its new offering OMEGA honours the past but builds on its design legacy. Its founder Louis Brandt…

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Breguet Type XXII 10Hz

There it was on the back cover of American Express “Departure” magazine, “Breguet, the innovator”.  I read the details given but this watch merited much closer perusal.  It is stunning! I’m hooked!     Links to the past. I have always been fascinated by Breguet’s history and pedigree.  Did any member of Napoleon’s dynasty and…

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A postcard from Silverstone

I must confess that after my passion for wristwatches, my love of prestigious cars and motorsport ranks very highly too as regular readers of ESCAPEMENT will no doubt know based on some of the content on the site. An invite arrived from Blancpain to be their guest at Silverstone and to watch the final showdown…

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