Other Watch Articles

SalonQP 2013

Unlike some trade shows where access is restricted to invited guests only, SalonQP allows members of the public an intimate interface with numerous watch brands. Visitors can see, at close quarters, watchmakers exhibiting their talents with deft hands manipulating tools to spellbinding effect, working at near microscopic scale.

Wempe, Bond Street, London

Wempe, Bond Street, London clearly understands the concept of consumer sovereignty. The rationale for my praise is the presentation of timepieces, the diversity of models available and the attentive service proffered. Angus Davies talks to Lynn Schroeder who runs the London store.

Salon QP

It is Salon QP’s fourth year. The venue is the prestigious Saatchi Gallery at the old Duke of York Barracks on the King’s Road, London. It is an event which will showcase the finest examples of haute horology from internationally renowned brands.

The British School of Watchmaking

Angus Davies interviews Mark Hearn, Marketing Director of the British School of Watchmaking

A watch is for life, not just for Christmas, a lay-person’s perspective

You’ve followed cars clarioning, “A dog is for life not just for Christmas”.  So too is that special watch.