Bremont Supermarine S2000 - in-depth watch review by ESCAPEMENT

Angus Davies provides an in-depth review of the Bremont Supermarine S2000, a watch with an impressive water resistance of 2000 metres, a sturdy case and highly legible dial.

Bremont ALT1-C Rose Gold - In-depth watch review

Angus Davies reviews the Bremont ALT1-C Rose Gold, a chronograph and COSC certified chronometer. This pilot's watch is delivered in a sumptuous 18-carat gold that beguiles with its polished form.

Bremont U-2 Blue

It is seldom that a watch I have originally not favoured would ensnare me so emphatically, purely by employing a different coloured dial. The Bremont U-2 Blue is the exception.

Bremont MW Heli-Chrono

  • Watch Review
  • 12th April, 2013

The Bremont MW Heli-chrono, based on Bremont’s ALT1-P Chronograph range, adds to what is already a superlative range of aviation timepieces. It is a limited edition of only fifty and is proving to be much sought after.

Bremont SOLO 37

As I looked at the new Bremont SOLO 37, the model made perfect sense to me. The SOLO was launched earlier this year. Its 43 mm case looks mightily handsome on my wrist and indeed many “average” males. But, what if you are of smaller physical stature? Well, the SOLO 37 may well be for you.

Bremont Norton

  • Watch Review
  • 1st September, 2012

Bremont has produced a masculine watch in collaboration with Norton motorcycles. The two quintessentially British brands are exemplars of craftsmanship and engineering. This timepiece is the pleasing outcome of their joint efforts.

Limited Edition Bremont MBII/TWG from The Watch Gallery

Now there is a rare, limited edition Bremont MBII/TWG sold exclusively by The Watch Gallery, which harnesses all the wonderful aspects of the regular Bremont MBII and yet offers greater scarcity that even the Bremont MBI. Angus Davies reviews this pilot's watch with its gorgeous blue caseband. 

Bremont World Timer ALT1-WT

Bremont is a watch company with "adventure" at the heart of its brand DNA. It therefore seems fitting that it now offers the  Bremont World Timer ALT1-WT, a timepiece ideally equipped for the intrepid expolorer.

Bremont The Victory Watch

Dr Edwina Davies writes about the remarkable Bremont Victory Watch.

Bremont Solo

  • Watch Review
  • 9th May, 2012

Clive Girven reviews the Bremont Solo, a watch which appeals to this professional pilot.