Oris_Carl_Brashear_Limited_Edition_wrist - ESCAPEMENT Magazine - watch review website by Angus Davies

Oris Carl Brashear Limited Edition – Ref. 733 7720 3185

The Horological Bronze Age

Angus Davies freely admits he has a ‘soft spot’ for Oris watches, appreciating several models within the brand’s catalogue. A recent ‘hands-on’ experience with the Oris Carl Brashear Limited Edition reinforces his positive image of the Swiss watch company and adds another name to the list of timepieces he admires.

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Bovet_Flying_Tourbillon_Ottanta_Sei_Wrist1 - ESCAPEMENT magazine - watch reviews by Angus Davies

Bovet Flying Tourbillon Ottanta Sei

Beneath a clear engine cover

Italian supercars are synonymous with style, high-performance and captivating engines, sometimes visible beneath a pane of clear glass. Recently, Bovet, in collaboration with Pininfarina, released its Flying Tourbillon Ottanta Sei, featuring an incredible movement, freely disclosed via a case consisting of several sapphire crystal panels.

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